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Note: The range of positions is increased by the Tech Variety game rule and made irrelevant by the Chaos Theory game rule.

Icon Technology Description Position
Technology - Hygroscopic Vaporators.png
Hygroscopic Vaporators
Moisture Vaporator Upgrade (Hygroscopic Vaporator) - Water.png Water production increased by 50%. 1-5
Technology - Low-G Fungi.png
Low-G Fungi
New Building: Fungal Farm - An out-Dome building that produces Food.png Food. 1-5
Technology - Magnetic Filtering.png
Magnetic Filtering
MOXIE Upgrade (Magnetic Filtering) - Oxygen.png Oxygen production increased by 50%. 1-5
Technology - Soil Adaptation.png
Soil Adaptation
New Building: Farm - Produces Food.png Food. Large in-Dome building which is more work-efficient and requires no Power.png Power. 1-5
Technology - Water Reclamation.png
Water Reclamation
New Spire Building: Water Reclamation System - drastically reduces the Water.png Water consumption of the Dome.
(Researched by default when playing as Hydro Engineer)
Technology - Utility Crops.png
Utility Crops
Unlock new crops in Farms and Hydroponic Farms that provide Oxygen.png Oxygen and improve soil quality. 6
Technology - Biome Engineering.png
Biome Engineering
Farms increase the Comfort of all residences in the Dome. 7-10
Technology - Dome Bioscaping.png
Dome Bioscaping
Residences in Basic Domes, Micro Domes and Barrel Domes have improved Comfort. 7-10
Technology - Martianborn Adaptability.png
Martianborn Adaptability
Martianborn Colonists graduate faster in Universities and Sanatoriums and have higher chance to gain Perks from Schools.

New Building: Large Nursery

Technology - Microgravity Medicine.png
Microgravity Medicine
New Spire Building: Medical Center - has larger capacity and is more effective than the Infirmary. 7-10
Remote Farming
Increased Productivity on farms out of dome ranges. 7-10 ?
Technology - Gene Adaptation.png
Gene Adaptation
Unlocks new crops in Farms and Hydroponic Farms that provide better Food.png Food yields. 11
Technology - Creative Biorobotics.png
Creative Biorobotics
New Building: Biorobotic Workshop - a vocation building that allows colonists to experiment with biorobots (counts towards the workshop milestone. Consumes MachineParts.png Machine Parts. 12-19
Technology - Farm Automation.png
Farm Automation
Farm, Hydroponic Farm and Fungal Farm Upgrade: Automation - Decreases the number of workers. 12-19
Technology - Hanging Gardens.png
Hanging Gardens
New Spire Building: Hanging Gardens - a beautiful park complex that greatly improves the Comfort of all Residences in the Dome.
(Researched by default when playing as Ecologist)
Technology - Holographic Scanning.png
Holographic Scanning
Medical Center Upgrade (Holographic Scanner) - Increases birth rate in the Dome. 12-19
Technology - Moisture Farming.png
Moisture Farming
New Building: Moisture Vaporator - Produces Water.png Water from the atmosphere. Doesn't work during Dust Storms. 12-19
Technology - Rejuvenation Treatment.png
Rejuvenation Treatment
Infirmary & Medical Center Upgrade (Rejuvenation Treatment) - Improves Service Comfort and provides Relaxation, allowing Colonists to visit and gain Comfort. 12-19
Technology - Stem Reconstruction.png
Stem Reconstruction
Retirement age and death from old age happen later in the Colonists' lifespan.
(Researched by default when playing as Doctor)
(Middle-aged Colonists retire as Seniors, and seniors die 20 Sols later than originally.)
Technology - Water Conservation System.png
Water Conservation System
Water.png Water consumption of Domes reduced by 50%. 12-19
Technology - Localized Terraforming.png
Localized Terraforming
New Wonder: Geoscape Dome - A slice of Earth on Mars, this Dome has high Comfort and increases the Sanity of its inhabitants on every Sol. 20