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The difference between Breakthrough technologies and common technologies is that the former significantly alter the game play. While e.g. the technology "Battery Optimization" only increases the Drones' accumulator capacity by 50%, the breakthrough "Neo-Concrete" reduces the concrete costs of all Domes by 80%! The latter has a huge impact, but only if researched early enough!

Researched at an early stage "Service Bots" (gives the option to remove all workers in non-medical Service Buildings for 10 Electronics per building) will significantly change the game play.

One Breakthrough is discovered, i.e. made availble to be researched, every time a Anomaly - Breakthrough.png breaktrough anomaly is investigated by a RC Explorer. There are currently 67 possible Breakthroughs in all, but each map will only have 19 such anomalies present, 21-23 if the Paradox Interactive Sponsor is selected. 3 additional Breakthroughs can be unlocked when the Omega telescope.png Omega Telescope Wonder is constructed. Finishing a Mystery without failing it can also provide a Breakthrough, guaranteed if all Wonder technologies have been researched. The only way to unlock/obtain even more Breakthroughs is via Planetary Anomalies.

The Research Points required for a Breakthrough depends upon their position in the Research Tree, according to the research costs table.

Icon Technology Description
1 Technology - Advanced Drone Drive.png
Advanced Drone Drive
Drones move 50% faster.
2 Technology - Alien Imprints.png
Alien Imprints
Uncovers new Anomalies - Alien Artifacts - which provide a boost to all research when scanned (3% reduced cost for each scanned Alien Artifact anomaly, up to 12. Also reduces research of Breakthroughs).
3 Ancient terraforming device.png
Ancient Terraforming Device
Instantly gain 20% in all terraforming parameters.
4 Technology - Artificial Muscles.png
Artificial Muscles
Drones carry two resources at once.
5 Technology - Autonomous Hubs.png
Autonomous Hubs
Drone Hubs no longer require Power or maintenance.
(Researched by default when playing as Inventor)
6 Capture Asteroids Landing an Asteroid Lander on an Asteroid captures the Asteroid in orbit around Mars, which removes the time limit
7 Cargobay of holding Reduces the cargo weight of resources by 50%
8 Technology - Cloning.png
New Spire Building: Cloning Vats - creates Clones over time. Cloned Colonists grow and age twice as fast.
9 Technology - Construction Nanites.png
Construction Nanites
Buildings construct themselves slowly without Drones. Nanites will seek out resources from nearby resource depots.
10 Technology - Core Metals.png
Core Metals
Uncovers extremely rich underground Metals.png Metals deposits.
11 Technology - Core Rare Metals.png
Core Rare Metals
Uncovers extremely rich underground RareMetals.png Rare Metals deposits.
12 Technology - Core Water.png
Core Water
Uncovers extremely rich underground Water.png Water deposits.
13 Technology - Cryo-Sleep.png
Passenger Rockets can carry 20 more Colonists.
14 Designed Forestation.png
Designed Forestation
Newly grown forests have a chance to spawn Vistas and Research Sites.
(Researched by default when playing as Geo Engineer)
15 Technology - Dome Streamlining.png
Dome Streamlining
Domes cost 50% less basic resources.
16 Technology - Dry Farming.png
Dry Farming
Water requirements of Food.png Food is reduced by 50%.
17 Technology - Eternal Fusion.png
Eternal Fusion
Fusion Reactors Upgrade (Eternal Fusion) - Fusion Reactors no longer require workers and operate at 150 performance.
18 Technology - Extractor AI.png
Extractor AI
Metals Extractors and Rare Metals Extractors can work without crews at 50 performance.
19 Technology - Factory Automation.png
Factory Automation
Factory Upgrade (Automation) - Lowers the amount of Workers needed in factories.
20 Technology - Forever Young.png
Forever Young
Seniors can work and have children.
21 Technology - Frictionless Composites.png
Frictionless Composites
Wind Turbines Power production increased by 100%.
22 Technology - Gem Architecture.png
Gem Architecture
New Dome: Diamond Dome - A diamond shaped Dome which has space for two Spires.
23 Technology - Gene Selection.png
Gene Selection
Doubles the chance that a Colonist will have or gain a rare trait.
24 Technology - Giant Crops.png
Giant Crops
Unlocks giant crops which have an increased Food.png Food output.
25 Global Support Unlock the unique building and RC Vehicle of a random Sponsor

This tech is repeatable and can be researched multiple times.

26 Technology - Good Vibrations.png
Good Vibrations
Domes restore Sanity (+5) to their inhabitants every Sol.
27 Technology - Hive Mind.png
Hive Mind
Residents in the Arcology get a bonus to work performance based on the number of unique Perks and specializations of colonists living in the Arcology.
28 Technology - Hull Polarization.png
Hull Polarization
Buildings require maintenance less often. (Maintenance bar build up speed reduced by 25%)
29 Technology - Hypersensitive Photovoltaics.png
Hypersensitive Photovoltaics
Solar Panels and Large Solar Panels Power.png Power production increased by 100%.
30 Technology - Inspiring Architecture.png
Inspiring Architecture
Colonists in Domes with a Spire have increased Morale (+20).
31 Technology - Interplanetary Learning.png
Interplanetary Learning
Schools can train the Workaholic and Hippie traits.
32 Lake Vaporators.png
Lake Vaporators
Lake pumps are self-sufficient and no longer need to be supplied with Water.
33 Landscaping Nanites.png
Landscaping Nanites
Landscaping projects progress without the need of Drones and are generally faster.
34 Technology - Magnetic Extraction.png
Magnetic Extraction
Extractor upgrade - Production increased by 50%.
35 Mars Marketing Receive 5 applicants with rare traits

This tech is repeatable and can be researched multiple times.

36 Technology - Martian Diet.png
Martian Diet
All Colonists consume 25% less food.
37 Technology - Martian Steel.png
Martian Steel
Lowers Metals costs for building construction by 25%.
38 Technology - Martianborn Ingenuity.png
Martianborn Ingenuity
Martianborn gain 10 performance.
39 Mole People Colonists restore sanity while sleeping in the Underground instead of losing sanity

Colonists also gain 10 morale while they are in the underground

40 Technology - Multispiral Architecture.png
Multispiral Architecture
New Dome: Oval Dome - An elongated Dome which has space for two Spires.
41 Technology - Nano Refinement.png
Nano Refinement
All Extractors continue to extract small amounts when their deposit is depleted.
42 Technology - Neo-Concrete.png
Dome Concrete costs reduced by 80%.
43 Technology - Neural Empathy.png
Neural Empathy
Unlocks Rare Trait - Empath. Empaths raise the Morale of all Colonists in the Dome. The effect stacks with other Empaths.
44 Technology - Nocturnal Adaptation.png
Nocturnal Adaptation
All colonists gain +20 performance during night shifts.
45 Technology - Overcharge Amplifications.png
Overcharge Amplifications
Amplify upgrades grant a bigger boost to production.
46 Technology - Plasma Rocket.png
Plasma Rocket
Rocket travel time to and from Earth reduced by 50%.
[Subtracts 12 h from travel time. If the Long Ride rule is in effect, this reduces travel time from 75 h to 63 h.]
47 Technology - Plutonium Synthesis.png
Plutonium Synthesis
Stirling Generator Upgrade (Plutonium Core) - Increased Power production while opened.
48 Technology - Prefab Compression.png
Prefab Compression
All Spires can be ordered as prefabs from Earth.
49 Technology - Printed Electronics.png
Printed Electronics
Allows Drones Prefabs to be constructed in the Drone Assembler using Metals.png Metals instead of Electronics.png Electronics (if you have the Positronic Brain Breakthrough as well, this Breakthrough applies to it as well.
50 Technology - Project Phoenix.png
Project Phoenix
When a colonist dies there's a 50% chance he or she is reconstructed as youth with the same traits.
51 Technology - Rapid Sleep.png
Rapid Sleep
Colonists need to sleep for only 1 hour and regain twice as much Sanity when sleeping.
52 Resilient Vegetation.png
Resilient Vegetation
Halves the Water and the Temperature requirements of grass, bushes, trees, and Open Farm crops.
53 Technology - Safe Mode.png
Safe Mode
When a colonist suffers a Sanity breakdown, they fall asleep and wake up after 6 hours with 70 Sanity. Colonists can't commit suicide or gain flaws due to sanity breakdown.
54 Technology - Service Bots.png
Service Bots
Non-medical Service Buildings Upgrade (Service Bots) - service buildings no longer require workers and operate at 100 performance. Upgrade costs 10 Electronics.png Electronics at each building.
55 Technology - Soylent Green.png
Soylent Green
Bodies of dead Colonists are converted to Food.png Food. (1 Food.png Food is dropped where a colonist dies)
56 Technology - Space Rehabilitation.png
Space Rehabilitation
Colonists have a 50% chance to lose a flaw on their journey to Mars.
57 Technology - Superconducting Computing.png
Superconducting Computing
Converts unused Power into Research Points. (The first unused 500 Power.png Power is converted into 1.5 Research.png each. Any unused power beyond 500 is converted into 0.375 Research.png each.)
58 Technology - Superfungus.png
Fungal Farm Upgrade (Superfungus) - Increases production while increasing Oxygen consumption.
59 Technology - Superior Cables.png
Superior Cables
Instant and free power cable construction. Power cables do not suffer from power faults.
60 Technology - Superior Pipes.png
Superior Pipes
Instant and free pipe construction. Pipes don't suffer from leaks.
61 Technology - Sustainable Overtime.png
Sustained Workload
Doubles the performance bonus when Colonists are working on a heavy workload.
62 Technology - The Positronic Brain.png
The Positronic Brain
Allows the construction of Biorobots in the Drone Assembler. Biorobots eat, sleep and can gain traits but can't reproduce and never die from old age. Cost: 5 Electronics.png each.
63 Technology - Vector Pump.png
Vector Pump
Moisture Vaporator Upgrade (Vector Pump) - Water.png Water production increased by 100%.
64 Vehicle Weight Optimizations Drones and RC Vehicles no longer take up cargo space
65 Technology - Vocation-Oriented Society.png
Vocation-Oriented Society
Colonists gain 10 bonus work performance when all their stats are in the green.
66 Technology - Wireless Power.png
Wireless Power
Recharge Stations service Drones in a 3 hex-range instantly.
67 Technology - Zero-Space Computing.png
Zero-Space Computing
Research Lab & Hawking Institute Upgrade (Zero-Space Computing) - Research points production increased by +25% Research.png. Upgrade cost: 5 Electronics.png / 10 Electronics.png