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There are a great number of buildings available to support the activities of the colonists. Some are workplaces, while others provide comfort, and yet others are intended to mitigate certain flaws, or just to provide living quarters. Most buildings must be constructed either within or within the support border of a dome. A few buildings may be sent via rocket as prefabs.

Salvage[edit | edit source]

Salvage.png Salvage is the last option in the Infrastructure menu. The order can be given by selecting any building and clicking the Salvage icon or pressing the Delete button on the keyboard if on PC. Salvaging will destroy the building after 5 seconds, unless canceled, and recover half of the construction costs. The ruin of the salvaged building will remain, blocking any construction where they stand. In order to remove them the Technology - Decommission Protocol.png Decommission Protocol technology must be researched to enable the "Clear" button to be used. Activating the "Clear" button will signal a nearby drone to completely clear the remnants of the structure.

The salvage order can also be used to instantly cancel the construction of a building.

Prefab buildings[edit | edit source]

Prefabricated buildings can be launched in Rockets and assembled on Mars for no resource cost. They cost large amounts of funding and cargo space. All buildings except wonders and tunnels can be turned into prefabs for relocation if the Prefab-Refab technology had been researched. Prefab buildings must be transported underground via an Elevator before they can be constructed.

Building Cost Weight Requirements
Drone Hub $150M 5000 None
Moisture Vaporator $200M 5000
Fuel Refinery $200M 5000
Stirling Generator $400M 2000
Machine Parts Factory $400M 10000
Polymer Factory $300M 10000
Electronics Factory $600M 10000
Arcology $700M 20000 Technology - Prefab Compression.png Prefab Compression breakthrough
Hanging Gardens $400M 20000
Water Reclamation System $500M 20000
Network Node $600M 20000
Medical Center $500M 20000
Sanatorium $600M 20000
School Spire $600M 20000
Small Machine Parts Factory $150M 3500 Colony Design Set DLC
Small Electronics Factory $200M 3500
Advanced Stirling Generator $800M 4000 Space Race DLC
Micro-G Auto Extractor $250M 5000 Below and Beyond DLC
Micro-G Water Extractor $250M 5000

There are also certain prefabs that are normally unavailable but can be obtained by other means:

Prefabs Requirement
  • 1 Drone Hub
  • 4 Recharge Stations
  • 1 Sensor Tower
  • 6 Stirling Generators
  • 1 Concrete Extractor
  • 1 Fuel Refinery
  • 1 MOXIE
  • 1 Oxygen Tank
  • 2 Moisture Vaporator
  • 1 Water Tower
  • 1 Basic Dome
  • 2 Living Quarters
Prefab Colony game rule
1 Self-Sufficient Dome Logo - IMM.png International Mars Mission sponsor
  • 2 GHG Factories
  • 2 Forestation Plants
Geo Engineer commander profile
2 Recon Centers Space Engineer commander profile
  • 1 Elevator
  • 2 Drone Hub Extenders
Spelunker commander profile
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