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Challenges are a game mode where the player must accomplish a specific objective within a time limit. Mission parameters, game rules and colony coordinates are predetermined and unique for each challenge.

Each Challenge is set on specific map coordinates, with a particular sponsor and game rules. If you are attempting a Challenge, you are playing under the same basic conditions as any other player.

Each Challenge has a time limit to be "completed" - you will fail if the objective is not completed during this time. If you manage to finish a challenge exceptionally fast, in another, much tighter time frame, it will be considered "perfected". While completing some challenges can be a significant feat on its own, perfecting them is balanced to be a challenge.

There are three different Challenges for all sponsors, except for "Paradox Interactive" and "International Mars Mission". The "Brazil" and "Japan" sponsors are only available with the Space Race DLC installed.

No Mysteries are active during the challenges.

The player is free to continue playing the map as a normal sandbox game after the Challenge has ended, even if it was failed.


Challenge Mission Sponsor Commander Profile Objective Game Rules Challenge
Deadline (Sol)
Time (Sol)
A New Nation USA Rocket Scientist Have 5 domes, each with a population of 200 Colonists.png Colonists or more Endless Supply
No Events
200 100
Arco-Logistics Brazil Oligarch Have 8 fully occupied Arcologies No Events 200 100
Ark 2.0 Church of the New Ark Doctor Have 200 Colonists.png colonists No Events
The Last Ark
240 120
Baby Steps Church of the New Ark Rocket Scientist Have 5 Martianborn Colonists.png colonists No Events 26 13
Campus Life Europe Ecologist Have 200 scientists No Events 240 120
City Building India Psychologist Have a dome with a population of 100 Colonists.png and no homeless citizens No Events 70 35
Civil Disorder India Oligarch Reach a population of 2,000 Colonists.png No Events
Rebel Yell
300 200
Cold Fusion India Ecologist Have 4 fusion reactors fully staffed and on 3 shifts No Events
Winter is Coming
140 70
Drill Baby, Drill Blue Sun Corporation Inventor Have a fully upgraded Mohole Mine No Events 250 150
Earthbound Japan Hydro Engineer Refuel and launch a rocket No Disasters
No Events
6 3
Elbrus++ Russia Futurist Produce 250 Electronics.png Electronics No Events 200 100
Fiscal Profits Blue Sun Corporation Politician Accumulate $35,000 M Inflation
No Events
140 80
Founding Fathers USA Rocket Scientist Complete the Founder Stage No Disasters
No Events
12 6
Hello, Neighbors Brazil Hydro Engineer Have a complex of 3 connected Domes and population of 50 colonists No Events 50 25
Housing Bubble China Futurist Have 4 fully occupied Living Complexes No Events 30 13
New Eden Church of the New Ark Doctor Have a colony with at least 50 Colonists.png Colonists with average comfort 80 No Events 80 40
Operation: Katana Japan Inventor Deplete 10 Metal underground deposits No Events 140 80
Russian Concrete Russia Oligarch Produce 1,000 Concrete.png concrete Long Ride
No Events
34 17
Serve the People China Oligarch Have a population of 200 Colonists.png colonists Long Ride
No Events
80 40
Seven China Astrogeologist Have 7 Wonders No Events 250 150
Specialized Training Brazil Psychologist Have 50 Specialists Amateurs
No Events
140 70
Tech Boost Europe Futurist Research 25 technologies (repeatable technologies are counted once) No Events 40 20
The Boundaries of Knowledge SpaceY Politician Research 100 technologies (repeatable technologies are counted once) Chaos Theory
No Events
250 150
The Gold Must Flow Blue Sun Corporation Astrogeologist Export 30 RareMetals.png Rare Metals No Disasters
No Events
30 10
The Means of Production SpaceY Psychologist Produce 5 Polymers.png Polymers, 5 MachineParts.png Machine Parts and 5 Electronics.png Electronics on Mars No Events 30 15
Tourist Trap SpaceY Rocket Scientist Earn $2,000 M from Tourists No Events 80 40
Unconventional Desires Japan Inventor Research 12 Breakthroughs Dust In The Wind
No Events
200 100
Under the Microscope Europe Astrogeologist Analyze all anomalies No Events
Winter is Coming
80 40
Vocation Destination Russia Doctor Have a VR Workshop, Art Workshop and Biorobotics workshop No Events 150 75
Wonderful Life USA Politician Construct a Wonder No Events 120 60

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