Colony Design Set

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Colony Design Set
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Release date

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The Colony Design Set DLC was announced on 2018-10-04[1][2] alongside Space Race and Marsvision Song Contest, and was released 2018-11-15.[3][4]

All three DLCs are included in the Season Pass,[5][6] and are available in the Space Race Plus bundle.

Official description[edit]

Deck out your dome with 25 new buildings to give a fresh look to your living, working, and playing quarters. Whether it’s a Stirling Generator or a Spacebar, make sure you spruce up your space to be out of this world.


Nine new buildings[7]:

  • Living Quarter – 3 hexes (Large building was renamed to Living Complex)
  • Small Space Bar – 3 hexes
  • Small Electronics Factory – 3 hexes
  • Small Machine Parts Factory – 3 hexes
  • Small Art Store – 1 hex
  • Small Grocer – 1 hex
  • Large Wind Turbine – 6 hexes
  • Large Oxygen Tank – 7 hexes
  • Large Garden – 10 hexes

The rest are alternative models of existing buildings:

  • Apartments
  • Stirling Generator
  • Shuttle Hub
  • Drone Hub
  • Moxie
  • Arcology
  • Smart Home, Smart Complex (new models for both sizes)
  • Infirmary
  • Polymer Plant
  • Rare Metal Extractor
  • Metals Extractor
  • Concrete Extractor
  • Hydroponic Farm
  • Research Lab
  • Diner
  • Water Extractor
  • Living Quarter (new models for both sizes)

Official screenshots[edit]


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