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Commander Profiles are descriptions of the leader of the mission. Each Commander Profile offers a bonus (almost all of them permanent) as well as early access to a technology. During Story Bits certain Commander Profiles have additional options for tackling issues.

The Geo Engineer Commander Profile requires the Green Planet DLC. The Medical Researcher Commander Profile requires the Sample Mod that can be found in the /ModTools/Samples/Mods/Medical Researcher.

Profile Bonuses Early access tech Difficulty Bonus
Geo Engineer Seeds import cost reduced by 50%
Bonus Prefabs: 2x GHG Factory, 2x Forestation Plant
Designed Forestation.png Designed Forestation
(Newly grown forests have a chance to spawn Vistas and Research Sites)
City Mayor 2,000 M additional starting funding
Buildings require upkeep less often
Technology - Mars Nouveau.png Mars Nouveau
(Building construction costs in Metals & Concrete reduced by 20%)
Inventor Drones are gradually optimized to work and construct faster until Sol 100 Technology - Autonomous Hubs.png Autonomous Hubs
(Drone Hubs no longer require Power or maintenance)
Oligarch Fuel production increased by 25% Technology - Arcology.png Arcology
(Unlocks a residential spire)
Hydro Engineer Start with a Water deposit revealed
Domes consume 25% less Water
Technology - Water Reclamation.png Water Reclamation
(Unlocks a spire which reduces Water consumption)
Doctor Minimum Comfort required for birth lowered by 15 Technology - Stem Reconstruction.png Stem Reconstruction
(Colonist lifespan is increased)
Psychologist Colonists recover 5 additional Sanity while resting in their homes Technology - Behavioral Shaping.png Behavioral Shaping
(Unlocks a Sanatorium spire which treats colonists' flaws)
Politician All Funding gains are increased by 20% Technology - Martian Patents.png Martian Patents
(Repeatable tech that grants Funding)
Futurist Breakthrough techs are researched 30% faster Technology - Autonomous Sensors.png Autonomous Sensors
(Sensor Towers no longer require Power or maintenance)
Ecologist Service Comfort of decorations increased by 10 Technology - Hanging Gardens.png Hanging Gardens
(Unlocks a spire which improves residences in the Dome)
Astrogeologist Start with a Rare Metals deposit revealed
Extractor production increased by 10%
Technology - Deep Scanning.png Deep Scanning
(Allows the scanning of sectors for deep deposits)
Rocket Scientist Start with an extra Rocket Technology - CO2 Jet Propulsion.png CO2 Jet Propulsion
(Unlocks Shuttle Hub and long-range transportation)
Medical Researcher Medical buildings grant research points and Microgravity Medicine technology is researched. Technology - Microgravity Medicine.png Microgravity Medicine
(Unlocks Medical Center - has larger capacity and is more effective than the Infirmary.)

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