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Commander profiles are descriptions of the leader of the mission. Each commander profile offers a bonus (almost all of them permanent) as well as early access to a technology. During Story Bits certain commander profiles have additional options for tackling issues.

Profile Bonuses Early access tech Difficulty bonus Requirements
City Mayor
  • 2,000 M additional starting Funding
  • Buildings require upkeep less often
Technology - Mars Nouveau.png Mars Nouveau -30%
Inventor Drones are gradually optimized to work and construct faster until Sol 100 Technology - Autonomous Hubs.png Autonomous Hubs +10%
Oligarch Fuel production increased by 25% Technology - Arcology.png Arcology +10%
Hydro Engineer Technology - Water Reclamation.png Water Reclamation +20%
Doctor Minimum Comfort required for birth lowered by 15 Technology - Stem Reconstruction.png Stem Reconstruction +10%
Psychologist Colonists recover 5 additional Sanity while resting in their homes Technology - Behavioral Shaping.png Behavioral Shaping +10%
Politician All Funding gains are increased by 20% Technology - Martian Patents.png Martian Patents 0%
Futurist Breakthrough techs are researched 30% faster Technology - Autonomous Sensors.png Autonomous Sensors +30%
Ecologist Service Comfort of Decorations increased by 10 Technology - Hanging Gardens.png Hanging Gardens +10%
Astrogeologist Technology - Deep Scanning.png Deep Scanning +20%
Rocket Scientist Start with an extra Rocket Technology - CO2 Jet Propulsion.png CO2 Jet Propulsion +20%
Medical Researcher Medical buildings grant Research points Technology - Microgravity Medicine.png Microgravity Medicine +20% Sample Mod in /ModTools/Samples/Mods/Medical Researcher
Geo Engineer
  • Seeds import cost reduced by 50%
  • Bonus Prefabs: 2x GHG Factory, 2x Forestation Plant
Designed Forestation.png Designed Forestation -20% Green Planet DLC
Space Miner
  • Asteroid Lander cost reduced by 50%
  • Bonus Prefabs: 2x Recon Center
Technology - Micro-G Mining.png Micro-G Mining +20% Below and Beyond DLC
  • Colonists gain Sanity underground instead of losing it
  • Bonus Prefabs: 1x Elevator, 2x Drone Hub Extender
Technology - Underground Dome Construction.png Underground Dome Construction +20% Below and Beyond DLC
Transport Tycoon
  • Tracks construction cost halved
  • Bonus Prefabs: 2x Small Station
Large Stations +20% Martian Express DLC
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