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Developer diaries are articles, usually accompanied by screenshots and videos, showing the momentary state of development, describing features and explaining game design choices.

They are published more or less regularly by the developers in the game's main forum on Paradox Plaza.

New content[edit]

All developer diaries about the new content for Surviving Mars.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 In-Dome Building Pack New content creator pack (In-Dome Buildings Pack) for Surviving Mars by Silva. 2021-03-15

Green Planet[edit]

All developer diaries about Green Planet.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Terraforming Introduction to Green Planet terraforming by Ivan Grozev. Four major terraforming parameters: Atmosphere, Temperature, Water, and Vegetation. New research technology field, Terraforming. 2019-04-12
2 New Buildings and Tech Green Planet adds 7 new buildings dedicated to the terraforming efforts. The Forestation Plant, GHG Factory, Carbonate Processor, Core Heat Convector, Magnetic Field Generator, Lake beds, and the Open Farm. The Capital City is a large domeless "dome". 2019-04-18
3 Vegetation Plant life, seeds, soil quality, rain, toxic rain, open farms. 2019-04-25
4 Disasters and Special Projects Disasters: Toxic rains and marsquakes.
Special Terraforming Projects: Capture Ice Asteroids, Cloud Seeding, Import Greenhouse Gases, Launch Space Mirror, Launch Magnetic Shield, Melting the Polar Caps, Seed Vegetation.
5 Armstrong - Free Update Armstrong patch. Free stuff, including 3 free Special Projects. Build Menu: Landscaping. Large Dumping Site and Rocket Construction Site. Twenty new events. 2019-05-10
6 Opening Domes Game design decisions on the timescale for the simulation of terraforming. Opening domes. Capital City. 2019-05-16

Space Race[edit]

All developer diaries about Space Race.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Space Race New features coming in Space Race - the first expansion for Surviving Mars. Free Gagarin patch.
New and Improved Sponsors, Sponsor Goals, Rival Colonies, Planetary Anomalies, Supply Pods & Rockets, Events.

Base game[edit]

All developer diaries about Surviving Mars.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Vision The game is undoubtedly a city builder, but not your average city builder. Surviving Mars was inspired by the old, idealistic sci-fi stories. We wanted to keep the science in the game plausible without diving into minutiae. 2017-11-01
2 Resources Basic Resources (Metals, Concrete, Rare Metals, Food), Advanced Resources (Polymers, Electronics, Machine Parts, Fuel), Grid resources (Power, Oxygen, Water), Funding. 2017-11-15
3 Dome, Sweet Dome! Domes, spires, colonist traits, colonist stats (Health, Sanity, Comfort and Morale). 2017-12-14
4 Surviving Cold Waves By Stirling (Sebastian Forsström - Product Marketing Manager for Surviving Mars) The effects of a cold wave and what to do about it. 2018-01-29
5 It's a Mystery! Mysteries are long epic scripted sequences of events that tell an interactive and often fantastic story. 2018-02-02
6 The Seven Wonders of Mars There are seven wonders, including the Artificial Sun, Mohole mine, and Space Elevator. 2018-02-14
7 For Science! Five tech fields (Biotech, Engineering, Robotics, Physics and Social), Breakthroughs, research points, anomalies, collaboration losses. 2018-03-14
8 Modding! Modding! Mods and modding tools. 2018-03-23
9 Opportunity Content from "Opportunity" patch. Passages, Game Rules, Storages, Workshops. 2018-04-13
10 Curiosity Content from "Curiosity" patch. New domes (micro, barrel, trigon, mega-trigon, diamond), Command Center, Info Bar, Tutorial. 2018-05-25
11 Da Vinci Content from "Da Vinci" patch. Creative Mode, Eight New Game Rules, Storage Management, Power Connectivity, Follow Camera. Patch highlights. 2018-08-01
12 Challenge Accepted! Content from "Sagan" patch. Challenges, Maps, Self-sufficient Rovers. Patch highlights. 2018-09-24

Video diaries[edit]

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Video Dev Diary #1 Video Dev Diary! 2017-10-31
2 Video Dev Diary #2 Video Dev Diary 2 - Step onto the Surface of Mars 2018-03-01

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