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Green Planet: Disasters and Special Projects. Revealing the new disasters associated with terraforming Mars, and also all 7 of the new Terraforming Special Projects and 3 new Planetary Special Projects. These projects require a lot of resources, and sometimes an entire rocket, but yield large gains in your terraforming progress. With these global changes come new risks and challenges, in the form of acid rains or marsquakes!

Mars is a harsh environment and human life is only made possible due to incredibly durable structures - designed specifically to resist it. Every now and then however, extremes will appear that will test the resilience of the colony on a much higher level. Sensor tower.png Sensor Towers and Rc commander seeker.png RC Seekers extend any advanced warnings for disasters. Up to maximum of 3 Sols (+- disaster settings) warning in advance. Six sensors are needed for max warning time.

Disasters range in likelihood depending on the colony coordinates. They can also be eliminated completely via the No Disasters Game Rule or increased to maximum all across Mars by their respective Game Rules. Alternatively their effects can be lessened by the Easy Maintenance Rule.

Disasters lower the Sanity of all Colonists, particularly if their Dome does not have a Security Station.

In Green Planet terraforming can slowly reduce and eventually eliminate the Martian disasters but also create new ones.

If the Mysteries Resupply Pack is installed the Metatron mystery adds a special disaster used during the event chain, ion storms which disable all buildings within a certain radius

Disaster Effects Protection Green Planet elimination threshold
Cold Wave
Event frozen landscape.png
  • Domes and exterior buildings use 100% more power
  • Drones use 40% more power
  • Water Towers and Water Tanks freeze
  • Exterior buildings that are unpowered or unused will slowly freeze
  • Frozen buildings break down and maintenance can only be given once thawed
  • Cold Waves can start certain Story Bits
  • The Melt the Polar Caps Special Project will end current Cold Waves
  • The following buildings cancel the effects of cold waves around them:

    Subsurface heater.png Subsurface Heaters
    Artificial sun.png Artificial Sun
    Mohole mine.png Mohole Mine
    Advanced stirling generator.png Advanced Stirling Generators (only when open)
    Core heat convector.png Core Heat Convector

50%Temperature.png Temperature
Dust Devil
Event dust devil.png
  • Every exterior building and drone touched has its maintenance bar filled
  • Every rover nearby gets its speed reduced by 60%
  • Dust Devils come in two sizes but disappear relatively quickly
Dust Storm
Event dust storm.png
  • Increased dust accumulation on all buildings and drones
  • Many buildings stop functioning
  • Rockets cannot land or take off
  • Shuttles cannot take off
  • Wind Turbines produce more power
  • Pipes and Power Cables can suffer leaks
  • Dust Storms can start certain Story Bits
  • Electrostatic Dust Storms are rare Dust Storms with lightning strikes
    • Struck buildings will be shut down for a time
    • Struck drones have their battery is drained
    • Struck Fuel Refineries and Storages lose all Fuel.png Fuel. Struck Storages containing fuel also lose all other resources.
    • Struck Power Accumulators or Atomic Accumulators lose 100Power.png Power
    • Struck Colonists die instantly
  • Superior Cables Breakthrough prevents Power Cables leaks
  • Superior Pipes Breakthrough prevents Pipes leaks
  • Pods can still land for emergency resupply if needed
  • The Doctor Commander Profile can avoid the Dust Sickness Story Bit
50% Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
Event meteors.png
  • Hit Domes receive a fracture
  • Impacts throw up a dust cloud filling the maintenance bar of nearby exterior buildings
  • Direct Hits destroy non-dome exterior buildings outright - this includes wonders
  • Hit Passages have the colonists in the impact area die
  • Hit Fuel Refinery and storage building lose all stored Fuel.png Fuel. Fuel explosions may destroy nearby buildings and rovers beyond repair.
  • Hit RC vehicles require Drones to repair them
  • Hit Drones, Pipes and Power Cables are destroyed
  • Rarely meteor impacts can create Anomalies, Metals.png Metals or Polymers.png Polymers
  • An impact mark will appear where a meteor impacts
  • Separate storage and production of fuel from other resources
  • An area can be protected against meteors by the following:

    Mds laser.png MDS Lasers
    Defense turret.png Defense Turrets
    Rc combat.png Repaired EsoCorp Rovers

80%Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
Event collapsing building.png
Green Planet DLC
  • Buildings have their maintenance bar filled
  • Not using the Capture Ice Asteroids Special Project
  • Keeping Magnetic Field Generators away from the colony
  • More Magnetic Field Generators cause more severe Marsquakes
Man-made Disaster
Toxic Rain
Event emergency.png
Green Planet DLC
  • Lowered Soil Quality up to -25%
  • Vegetation withers, especially lichens
  • Forestation Plants and Open Farms stop functioning
  • Toxic Pools appear on the ground
  • Not using the Import Greenhouse Gasses Special Project
  • Drones can clean Toxic Pools
55%Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
55%Temperature.png Temperature
5%Hydrosphere.png Water
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