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Game rules are available to select at the start of a new game, and can be used to tailor the game to your liking. The rules may make the game easier or more difficult. Many rules may be selected simultaneously, but some are incompatible with one another; currently "No Disasters" and any rule increasing the disaster levels. Some rules will disable the ability to unlock achievements.

Game rules are utilized by Creative Mode and Challenge Mode to tailor the game play.

The difficulty challenge level will never drop below 100 %, the most difficult setting you can get from these rules (excluding terraforming) is 600%. Keep in mind that the difficulty rating will be affected by the map you choose as well.

Game rule Description Difficulty challenge Incompatibilities Achievements
Amateurs No specialist applicants. +40% Enabled
Armageddon Meteor rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars. Lower chance for meteors to yield metal, polymers, and research. +50% No Disasters Enabled
Chaos Theory Tech fields are fully randomized. -50% Tech Variety Enabled
Dust in the Wind Dust Storm rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars. +50% No Disasters Enabled
Easy Maintenance Buildings don't malfunction due to lack of maintenance. -200% Disabled
Easy Research Start with additional 3000 Research per Sol and all base techs revealed. -150% Disabled
Endless Supply The first Universal Depot you place will automatically fill with resources each Sol. -200% Disabled
Fast Rockets Rockets travel ten times faster. -100% Long Ride Enabled
Fast Scanning Sector scanning is ten times faster. -100% Enabled
Free Construction Buildings don't require resources to be constructed (they still have construction time). -500% Disabled
Hunger Can't import food from Earth. +30% Enabled
Increased Production The base production of all resources is doubled. Production from upgrades and other modifiers is unchanged. -50% Enabled
Inflation Import prices increase over time. (Estimated by fixed 10% of initial prices after every 20 sols) +50% Enabled
Iron Colonists Colonists can't lose Health or Sanity below 50 and they cannot become Earthsick. There is no founder stage. -200% Disabled
Long Ride Rocket travel time to and from Mars is three times longer, increasing from 25 h to 75 h. +50% Fast Rockets Enabled
More Applicants Start with 500 additional applicants. -50% Enabled
More Tourists Start with 20 additional Tourist applicants. -10% Enabled
No Disasters Disables all disasters (excluding those coming from mysteries). -20% Armageddon
Dust in the Wind
Winter is Coming
No Events Disables all random events (except anomalies). 0% Enabled
Overfunded Adds $100,000 M Funding. -200% Disabled
Prefab Colony Begin with free prefabs for all buildings necessary for a small colony. -40% Enabled
Rebel Yell Colonists periodically become renegades. Crimes are more severe. +50% Enabled
Tech Variety Tech fields are partially randomized during different playthroughs on the same map.
Unlike with Chaos Theory, some technologies are guaranteed to appear early or late.
0% Chaos Theory Enabled
The Last Ark Can call a Passenger Rocket only once. +100% Enabled
Twister Dust Devil rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars. +30% No Disasters Enabled
Winter is Coming Cold wave rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars. Cold waves increase power consumption even more. +50% No Disasters Enabled
No Terraforming No planetary terraforming. Related buildings and techs and not available.
Only available with Green Planet DLC.
0% Mission Sponsor: Terraforming Initiative
Commander Profile: Geo Engineer
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