In-Dome Buildings Pack

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In-Dome Buildings Pack
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Release date

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The In-Dome Buildings Pack DLC was announced on 2021-03-13 and was released on 2021-03-15 alongside the free Tourism patch.[1][2]

Official Description[edit | edit source]

You Are Cleared For Landing!

Expand your colony with the first Surviving Mars Content Creator Pack from longtime Paradox community modder Silva - the In-Dome Buildings Pack. Take your colony to the next level with 8 buildings and technical additions to help you make the red planet feel a little more like home. This pack expands housing options and introduces more community buildings.

New Buildings[edit | edit source]

The In-Dome Buildings Pack Includes the following new buildings:

Habitats for Humanity

  • Smart Apartments (Habitats, Large - 10 hexes) - Apartments that provide the same luxuries as smart homes.
  • Retirement Home (Habitats, Medium - 3 hexes) - A lovely place for your senior residents to retire.
  • Large Nursery (Habitats, Large - 10 hexes) - A larger version of the nursery, able to house more children.

Dome Sweet Dome

  • Security Post (Dome Services, Small - 1 hex) - A more compact version of the Security Station.
  • Medical Post (Dome Services, Small - 1 hex) - For when you need a smaller infirmary in the area.
  • Hospital (Dome Services, Large - 10 hexes) - A larger, more relaxing version of the infirmary. It also comes with the exclusive Remote Medic upgrade, which reduces the number of colonists required per shift.
  • TV Studio Workshop (Dome Services, Large - 10 hexes) - A new workshop building which also generates funding.
  • School Spire (Dome Spires, Spire) - Build the school as a spire building. It comes with the exclusive Superior Education upgrade, which has a small chance to give the Genius trait.

New Colony Logos[edit | edit source]

Official screenshots[edit | edit source]

Official Videos[edit | edit source]

Surviving Mars - In-Dome Buildings Pack Release Trailer. (2021-03-15)

References[edit | edit source]

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