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There are 16 milestones in Surviving Mars (not to be confused with Achievements). Each Milestone achieved grants Research.png Research points and Score and accessed by the circle-with-a-dot button at the bottom right of the screen.

Score is determined by the Sol when a Milestone is achieved . It is then multiplied by the Difficulty Challenge percentage, which is determined by the starting map settings.

In Space Race only one colony can achieve a Milestone. Rival Colonies can be delayed from achieving Milestones through Covert Ops.

Milestone Research.png Research & base score
Find Water on Mars 250
First Human on Mars 250
Launch a Rocket from Mars 250
Produce Food 250
Scan an Anomaly 250
Complete a Special Project 500
Construct a Dome 500
First Martianborn 500
Research a Breakthrough 500
100 Colonists 1000
500 Colonists 2500
All Sponsor Goals 2500
Construct a Mega Dome 2500
Scan all Sectors 2500
1000 Colonists 5000
Construct a Wonder 5000
40% Workers in Workshops 10000
Note: The following Milestones require the Green Planet DLC
Milestone Research.png Research & base score
Dig a Lake 500
Plant a Tree on the surface of Mars 500
Liquid Water on the Surface of Mars 1250
Breathable Atmosphere 2500
First Rainfall 2500
100% Atmosphere terraforming 5000
100% Temperature terraforming 5000
100% Vegetation terraforming 5000
100% Water terraforming 5000
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