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(For more about the act of creating mods, see modding.)

The presence of a modding system has been highly touted by Paradox and Haemimont in the lead up to release. This focus can be noted by the direct integration of both the Mod Manager, and Mod Editor buttons in the main menu. The first mod released for Surviving Mars was shown off in this Yogscast Youtube playthrough. It features a customized dome that requires no oxygen or water, a unique logo, a custom Commander, and numerous other additions. Mods are available via the Steam Workshop, or in-game via the Paradox platform mod manager.

Noteworthy Mods[edit]

  • Yogscast Day One Mod: created by devs to show off the system and made available upon release.
  • Mars Radio One: created by 3PMusic (Twitch streamer and musician), features original music and commercials.
  • Info Bar: created by Waywocket, it condenses the Infopanel into a small bar on the top of the screen.


Mods are most widely available through the Steam Workshop.

Select mods may also be found on NexusMods or Curseforge. Since Steam uploads are the default for the Mod Editor, there will be fewer available here as it requires modders to take the extra step to go outside of the designed norm.

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