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Mysteries are in-game storylines that usually contain a potentially harmful or alien element. Mysteries start between 1 and 15 Sols after certain requirements are met. Every Mystery will grant a random Wonder technology if successfully completed. If all Wonder technologies have been researched the Mystery will grant a Breakthrough instead. Mysteries are different from Story Bits, which involve simpler storylines and options.

As of the Green Planet DLC, there are 12 mysteries in the game.

Mystery list[edit]

Mystery Objectives (effects) Can be failed Requirements Difficulty
The Power of Three
Power of three mystery.png
  1. Investigate the Mystery Cube anomaly (unlocks Dark Spectrometry technology)
  2. Research the Dark Spectrometry technology (Black cube monument small.pngBlack cube monument large.png Cube decorations)
  3. Research the S.H.E.P.I.D. technology (Sensor Towers protect buildings, this step requires a Concrete Extractor, lack of it will prevent the mystery from going forward)
  4. Decide what do do with the Black Cubes
    1. Store 150 Black Cubes (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology)
    2. Destroy 150 Black Cubes (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology)
    3. Use 384 Black Cubes (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology)
  5. (optional) Investigate the Cube Disaster anomaly (unlocks S.H.E.P.I.D. technology)
Yes (too much time passes) 100 Colonists.png Colonists 20%
Inner Light
Inner light mystery.png
  1. Research the Dream Simulation technology (Applicant with the Genius trait)
  2. Have at least 100 colonists with the Dreamer trait (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology, Dreamer trait gives +15 productivity)
  3. (optional) Build a Cloning Vat (2000 Research.png Research)
No 100 Colonists.png Colonists 20%
Beyond Earth
Beyond earth mystery.png
  1. Research the Beyond Earth Initiative technology (repeatable, allows choosing a project)
  2. Complete 3 of the 4 projects by supplying 4 Rockets for each
    1. Aldrin Base requires 30 Electronics.pngMachineParts.pngPolymers.png Advanced Resources (10 Scientist Applicants, +25% Fusion Reactors Power Production)
    2. Spring City on requires 80 Polymers.png Polymers (10 Botanist Applicants, 10 Geologist Applicants, Crops rice giant.png Ganymede Rice crop)
    3. Port Vesta requires 80 Electronics.png Electronics (-5% cost of Robotics techs, +20% Extractor Production)
    4. Rubicon Station requires 200 Metals.png Metals ($200M Funding, -10% cost of Physics and Engineering techs)
Yes (too much time passes) 120 Colonists.png Colonists 20%
The Philosopher's Stone
Phylosophers stone mystery.png
  1. Research the Crystalline Entity Properties technology (crystals can be connected to the Power.png Power grid)
  2. Power an Alien Crystal (powered crystals scan their sector and produce 2 RareMetals.png Rare Metals per Sol)
  3. Decide what to do with the crystals
    1. Power all Alien Crystals (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology, 100 Electronics.png Electronics, 100 MachineParts.png Machine Parts)
    2. Destroy all Alien Crystals (additional Research.png Research)
No 5 Sectors scanned 20%
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence mystery.png
  1. Build a Building - Network Node.png Network Node ($500M Funding)
  2. Build a second Building - Network Node.png Network Node ($1000M Funding)
  3. Decide what do do with Number Six
    1. Delay your decision and try to negotiate with the corporation and Number Six.
    2. Purge Number Six.
    3. Insert Number Six into the Colony’s systems. (2500 Research.png Research)
  4. Research the Number Six Tracing technology (discover 10 Server Hive anomalies)
  5. Investigate 10 Server Hive anomalies (capture Number Six)
  6. Decide what to do with Number Six
    1. Purge the AI. (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology)
    2. Let it run in a closed environment forever. (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology, 10% reduced research costs)
No 100 Colonists.png Colonists, 2 Dome basic.png Domes 40%
Sphere mystery.png
  1. Research the Sphere Protection technology (spheres no longer drain Health)
  2. Research the Purpose of the Spheres technology (Building - Power Decoy.png Power Decoy)
  3. Construct a Building - Power Decoy.png Power Decoy (traps spheres)
  4. Research the Xeno-Terraforming technology (spheres can be destroyed)
  5. Dismantle all spheres (50 Metals.png Metal, RareMetals.png Rare Metals, or Polymers.png Polymers for each, random Wonder or Breakthrough technology)
Yes (The spheres' cold waves destroy the colony) 100 Colonists.png Colonists 40%
The Dredgers
Dredgers mystery.png
  1. Investigate the Dredger Encounter anomaly (additional $125M? Funding)
  2. Research the Dredger Morphology technology, every investigated Dredger brings 50% research progress (detects future landings)
  3. Research the Dredger Wavelength Decoding technology, every destroyed Dredger brings 50% research progress (can destroy Dredgers)
  4. Decide your motivation at the UN Press Conference
    1. The prosperity of our Colony is our first and only concern... ($250M Funding)
    2. This is not an act of aggression but instead a step towards mutual understanding... (50 Applicants)
  5. Destroy all 50 landed Dredgers
  6. Decide what to do with the Dredgenaught
    1. Wait for it to leave (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology, unlock Xeno-Extraction technology)
    2. Destroy it (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology, unlock Xeno-Extraction technology with 50% progress, 100 Concrete.png Concrete, 100 RareMetals.png Rare Metals)
No 100 Colonists.png Colonists 40%
St. Elmo's Fire
Elmos fire mystery.png
  1. Research the St. Elmo's Fire technology
  2. Construct a Building - Large Water Tower.png Large Water Tank and fill it with Water.png Water (unlocks Will of the Wisp technology)
  3. Research the Will of the Wisp technology (Building - Light Trap.png Light Trap)
  4. Construct a Building - Light Trap.png Light Trap (Building - Wisp Lamp.pngBuilding - Tripple Wisp Lamp.png Wisp Lamp decorations)
  5. Trap 30 wisps
  6. Decide what to do with the wisps
    1. Symbiotic coexistence. (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology, Light Traps produce Power.png Power)
    2. Experiment upon them. (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology, Light Traps produce Research.png Research)
  7. (optional) Investigate the Sinkhole anomaly (choice between 25 Polymers.png Polymers or 2500 Research.png Research)
No Colony Approval 40%
Marsgate mystery.png
  1. Investigate the EsoCorp Rover anomaly
  2. Decide what to do with the information
    1. Expose EsoCorp (choice between Applicants with rare traits or $1500M Funding)
      1. Research the Defense Turret technology (Building - Defense Turret.png Defense Turrets)
      2. Defeat the first invasion wave (Rc combat.png Repaired EsoCorp Rovers)
      3. Defeat the second invasion wave (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology)
    2. Blackmail Esocorp (choice between $500M Funding, 30 RareMetals.png Rare Metals or a breakthrough technology but 15% of the Colonists will become Renegades)
    3. Keep the secret (can keep repairing EsoCorp rovers)
  3. (optional) Repair the EsoCorp rovers ($500M Funding each)
Yes (Colony is destroyed) 100 Colonists.png Colonists 60%
The Last War
The last war mystery.png
  1. Decide whether Earth can change
    1. Only united can we hope to conquer the void. (+5% War Tension)
    2. Earth won't change. (50 Applicants, +10% War Tension)
  2. Decide whether to land the 1st Refugee Rocket
    1. Land (20 Colonists with the Refugee trait, -5% War Tension)
    2. Wait until refugees die in orbit (+5% War Tension)
  3. Decide whether to submit to the UN inspection
    1. Submit to UN inspection. (-10 Morale)
    2. Deny allegations. (+10% War Tension)
  4. Brace for a temporary cutoff in rockets and recurring meteor bombardment to the colony
  5. (optional) Deliver necessary resources to recurring incoming supply rockets for 30 RareMetals.png Rare Metals (-10% War Tension for each rocket delivered)
  6. Decide whether to land the 2nd Refugee Rocket
    1. Land (50 Colonists with the Refugee trait, -10% War Tension)
    2. Wait until refugees die in orbit (+5% War Tension)
  7. Decide whether to land the 3rd Refugee Rocket
    1. Land (100 Colonists with the Refugee trait, -20% War Tension)
    2. Wait until refugees die in orbit (+5% War Tension)
  8. Deliver necessary resources to the final supply rockets (-30% War Tension for each rocket delivered)
    1. 1st rocket: 100 RareMetals.png Rare Metals
    2. 2nd rocket: 400 Metals.png Metals
    3. 3rd rocket: 200 Electronics.png Electronics
    4. 4th rocket: 200 MachineParts.png Machine Parts
    5. 5th rocket: 200 Food.png Food
  9. (optional) Do not let 10 Colonists die of non-natural causes (else +5% War Tension)
  10. Ending (see details below)
Yes (War Tension reaches 100%) 150 Colonists.png Colonists 60%
Wildfire mystery.png
  1. Investigate the crashed satellite anomaly
  2. Research the Wildfire Cure technology, every new medical building hereafter brings 5% research progress up to 50% (Crops cure crop.png Curetato Crop, medical buildings remove the Infected trait)
  3. Cure all Colonists at medical buildings (50 Colonists with the Refugee trait)
  4. Export Wildfire Cures to Earth (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology, $200 M Funding for each export after the infection is cured)
Yes (Infection reaches level 5) 100 Colonists.png Colonists 60%
Metatron mystery.png
  1. Investigate timed anomalies (10 Metals.png Metal or 1000-1500 Research.png Research each)
  2. Survive the Ion Storm (unlocks Ion Storm Prediction technology)
  3. Research the Ion Storm Prediction technology (predicts Ion Storms)
  4. Survive the Ion Storms (unlocks Dream Reality technology)
  5. Construct Project morpheus.png Project Morpheus within 20 Sols (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology)
Yes (fail to construct Project Morpheus) 120 Colonists.png Colonists 60%

Hard Mysteries mechanics[edit]

Marsgate: Invasion[edit]

Between 10 and 30 Sols after the Marsgate trial if you exposed EsoCorp you will be notified that EsoCorp rovers are approaching Mars and gain access to the inexpensive Defense Turret Breakthrough. A few days later the first wave will arrive and EsoCorp rovers will descend all over the map. They will advance towards the colony and bombard anything within range with missiles, while Defense Turrets will counter them. It should be noted that Defense Turrets have greater range than EsoCorp rovers. The maintenance bar will act as a health bar. Once the first wave will be destroyed the second wave will approach but you will be notified that destroyed EsoCorp rovers can be repaired and used or salvaged for resources. Once the second wave is destroyed the Mystery ends and you will gain the random Wonder or Breakthrough technology.

The Last War: War Tension[edit]

The Last War Mystery features a mechanic called War Tension which measures how close the war on Earth is from becoming a nuclear war. It starts at 10%, increases at a rate of 1% per Sol and can be increased or lowered by Mystery choices. Within 15 Sols, resupply of resources will be cut off until the Mystery ends. There are three possible outcomes of the Mystery depending on War Tension:

  • If War Tension is reduced to 0% the war ends with peace treaties. (random Wonder or Breakthrough technology, 50 Applicants, -50% Resupply costs)
  • If War Tension doesn't reach 0% or 100% after 100 Sols, the war will end with the Second Cold War. Resupply becomes available but costs are increased by 50% for 50 Sols.
  • If War Tension reaches 100% a nuclear war will devastate Earth. Export, Research Outsourcing and Resupply will become unavailable. 50 Sols later contact with the remaining humans is reestablished. Rockets become available again.

Wildfire: Infection Level[edit]

Wildfire features a mechanic called Infection Level which measures how close the infection on Earth is from eradicating all humans. It increases every time an Earthsick Infected colonist leaves Mars and is reduced every time a Rocket loaded with the Wildfire Cure is sent to Earth. It goes through 5 levels, with the following effects:

  1. Contained - initial stage
  2. Endemic - export prices increase
  3. Epidemic - applicant pool depleted
  4. Pandemic - resupply costs increase
  5. Extinction - most of Earth's population is dead and Export, Research Outsourcing and Resupply will become unavailable. 50 Sols later contact with the surviving humans is reestablished and Export, Research Outsourcing and Resupply become available again.

Metatron's Challenge[edit]

When Metatron opens communications with the colony it presents a challenge to you; prove that humanity has the curiosity and ingenuity to survive in the galaxy. Its first task for you is to solve a series of timed anomalies; two rovers on automated mode can take care of this, so it's recommended that you order these from earth as soon as Metatron arrives. After a few waves of timed anomalies it moves on to ion storms, an artificial disaster that disables all out-dome buildings within a certain radius; it sends up to five of these at once and continues for several sols. Once you research the ion storm prediction breakthrough it eventually gives you its final challenge, construct project morpheus within twenty sols. You are given the technology, all you need to do is build it. The most reliable way to get enough electronics in time is to import them; the metals and concrete are easy enough. Once project morpheus is complete Metatron disappears and you are given the random wonder/breakthrough tech.

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