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Mystery technologies generally do not grant bonuses but are used to advance a specific Mystery.

Icon Technology Description RP Cost Mystery
Technology - Dark Spectrometry.png
Dark Spectrometry
A "surface scratcher" step towards understanding the elusive chemical properties of the mystery Cubes, what dangers the Cubes might pose and how to manage them. 1000 The Power of Three
Technology - S.H.E.P.I.G..png
The Spontaneous High-Energy Particle Interception and Deflection technology allows our Sensor Towers to detect and guide the materialization of a Black Cube to a safe location. 5000 The Power of Three
Technology - Dream Simulation.png
Dream Simulation
Push to decipher the Dreamers' brain patterns while in trance. 3000 Inner Light
Technology - Solar Exploration.png
Beyond Earth Initiative
Focus your research to help the development of the Beyond Earth Initiative projects. Each time the research is completed you can refocus your research towards a new project.
This tech is repeatable and can be researched multiple times.
5000 Beyond Earth
Technology - Crystalline Entity Properties.png
Crystalline Entity Properties
Research project focusing on revealing the secrets of the energy manipulation properties of the mysterious Alien Crystals. 3000 The Philosopher's Stone
Technology - Digger Morphology.png
Dredger Morphology
Aims to find a way to capture and dismantle an alien Dredger by studying its structure and physical properties. 20000 The Dredgers
Technology - Digger Wavelength Decoding.png
Dredger Wavelength Decoding
An attempt to decode the transmissions send out by the Dredgers in order to predict their behavior and landing sites. 20000 The Dredgers
Technology - Xeno Extraction.png
Water Extractor, Concrete Extractor, Metals Extractor and Rare Metals Extractor gain +50% bonus production. 20000 The Dredgers
Technology - Number Six Tracing.png
Number Six Tracing
Track down Number Six's physical location. 20000 Artificial Intelligence
Technology - Anti Sphere Shield.png
Sphere Protection
A way to immunize our colonists from the negative health effects of the Mirror Spheres. 5000 Spheres
Technology - Purpose of the Spheres.png
Purpose of the Spheres
Decoy building that keeps single Spheres into captivity. 5000 Spheres
Technology - Xeno Terraforming.png
Mirror Spheres in captivity may be broken down to their building parts. 20000 Spheres
Technology - St Elmos Fire.png
St. Elmo's Fire
An attempt to better understand the mysterious wisps, their method of propulsion and behavior - based on gathered observational data. 29000 St. Elmo's Fire
Technology - Will of the Wisp.png
Will of the Wisp
Knowing what drives the wisps our scientists want to design a method of capturing them for further analysis. 13000 St. Elmo's Fire
Technology - Wildfire Cure.png
Wildfire Cure
Series of dangerous experiments which could lead to the discovery of a cure for the Wildfire infection. 90000 Wildfire
Technology - Defense Turret.png
Defense Turret
A stationary turret that protects the nearby area from hostile vehicles and incoming meteors. 4000 Marsgate
Technology - Ion Storm Prediction.png
Ion Storm Prediction
Detecting the slight changes in Metatron's energy emissions could allow us to predict incoming Ion Storms. 5000 Metatron