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Note: The range of positions is increased by the Tech Variety game rule and made irrelevant by the Chaos Theory game rule.

Icon Technology Description Position
Technology - Adapted Probes.png
Adapted Probes
Probes are cheaper and can deep scan. 1-5
Technology - Autonomous Sensors.png
Autonomous Sensors
Sensor Towers no longer require Power.png Power or maintenance.
(Researched by default when playing as Futurist)
Technology - Extractor Amplification.png
Extractor Amplification
Extractor Upgrade (Amplify) - Increases production by 25% but also increases Power.png Power consumption by 10. 1-5
Technology - Low-G Turbines.png
Low-G Turbines
Wind Turbine Upgrade (Polymer Blades): Power.png Power production increased by 33%. 1-5
Technology - Subsurface Heating.png
Subsurface Heating
New Building: Subsurface Heater - Increases the local temperature in cold areas and protects nearby buildings from Cold Waves. Consumes Water.png Water. 1-5
Faster Trains
Trains have a higher speed limit. 6?
Technology - Stirling Generator.png
Stirling Generator
New Building: Stirling Generator - Generates Power.png Power. While closed the Generator is protected from dust, but produces less Power.png Power. 6
Technology - Atomic Accumulator.png
Atomic Accumulator
New Building: Atomic Accumulator - Stores electrical Power.png Power. Has huge capacity but charges slowly. 7-9
Technology - Dust Repulsion.png
Dust Repulsion
Solar Panels are gradually cleaned from dust when closed, resulting in less frequent maintenance. 7-9
Technology - Factory Amplification.png
Factory Amplification
Refineries and Factories Upgrade (Amplify) - Increases production by 25% but also increases Power.png Power consumption by 20. 7-9
Technology - Deep Scanning.png
Deep Scanning
Sectors can now be scanned again for deep deposits. Exploiting these deposits requires additional technologies.
(Researched by default when playing as Astrogeologist)
Technology - Creative Realities.png
Creative Realities
New Building: VR Workshop - a vocation building that allows colonists to experiment with virtual reality (counts towards the workshop milestone). Consumes Electronics.png Electronics. 11-18
Technology - Deep Metal Extraction.png
Deep Metal Extraction
Can exploit deep Metals.png Metals and RareMetals.png Rare Metals deposits.
(Researched by default when playing as Logo - BSC.png Blue Sun Corporation)
Technology - Deep Water Extraction.png
Deep Water Extraction
Can exploit deep Water.png Water deposits. 11-18
Technology - Fusion Autoregulation.png
Fusion Autoregulation
Fusion Reactor Upgrade (Auto-regulator) - reduces the amount of workers. 11-18
Technology - Meteor Defense System.png
Meteor Defense System
New Building: MDS Laser - Destroys falling meteors in its range. 11-18
Technology - Nuclear Fusion.png
Nuclear Fusion
New Building: Fusion Reactor - Generates Power.png Power. Out-Dome building which requires Workers to operate. 11-18
Technology - Research Amplification.png
Research Amplification
Research Labs, Hawking Institutes and the Network Node Upgrade (Amplify) - Increases production by 25% but also increases Power.png Power consumption. 11-18
Technology - Triboelectric Scrubbing.png
Triboelectric Scrubbing
New Building: Triboelectric Scrubber - Emits pulses which reduce the Dust accumulated on buildings in its range. 11-18
Technology - Micro Fusion.png
Micro Fusion
Wonder: Artificial Sun - Produces colossal amounts of Power.png Power. It provides light for nearby Solar Panels during the dark hours and heats the surrounding area. Consumes vast amounts of Water.png Water on startup. 19
Technology - Interplanetary Astronomy.png
Interplanetary Astronomy
Wonder: Omega Telescope - Gives access to new Breakthrough Technologies and reduces overall Research.png Research costs. 20