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Note: The range of positions is increased by the Tech Variety game rule and made irrelevant by the Chaos Theory game rule.

Icon Technology Description Position
Technology - Low G-Shaft Tunnelling.png Low G-Shaft Tunnelling New Building: Elevator - Connects the Martian Surface to the Martian Underground to transport resources, vehicles, prefabs and colonists. 1
Technology - Self-Sufficient Lighting.png Self-Sufficient Lighting New Building: Light Tripod - These lights function without being connected to a power grid. Perfect for lighting hard to reach places. 2
Technology - Drone Hub Extenders.png Drone Hub Extenders New Building: Drone Hub Extender - Extends the range in which Drone Hubs can control drones. 3
Technology - Micro-G Landers.png Micro-G Landers New Asteroid Landers can be ordered from Earth - They can land on Asteroids and ferry resources and colonists between them and our main colony on Mars. 4
Technology - Recon Center.png Recon Center New Building: Recon Center - Works towards discovering new Asteroids and other discoveries. 5-6
Technology - Low-G Tunnel Supports.png Low-G Tunnel Supports New Building: Support Strut - Reduce the risk of cave-ins. 5-6
Technology - Underground Dome Construction.png Underground Dome Construction New Buildings: Underground Dome, Underground Micro Dome - Domes optimized to sustain colonists in subsurface environments. 7-8
Technology - Micro-G Vehicles.png Micro-G Vehicles Enables RC Rovers to travel to and move on Asteroids. 7-8
Technology - Extended Cargo Modules.png Extended Cargo Modules Asteroid Landers Upgrade (Extended Cargo Module) - Cargo capacity increases by 45,000 kg and Fuel.png Fuel consumption increases by 20. 9-12
Technology - Underground Flight School.png Underground Flight School Shuttle Hubs can be built underground and will function in the same manner as on the surface. 9-12
Technology - Micro-G Mining.png Micro-G Mining New buildings: Micro-G Auto Extractor & Micro-G Water Extractor - Extract resources & water from Asteroids without requiring any workers. 9-12
Technology - Advanced Gravity Maneuvers.png Advanced Gravity Maneuvers Reduces the travel time between Asteroids and Mars by 75%. 9-12
Technology - Low-G Excavation Permits.png Low-G Excavation Permits Allows clearing of cave-ins, clearing unstable areas of the underground safely. 13
Technology - Advanced Micro-G Mining Operations.png Advanced Micro-G Mining Operations New buildings: Micro-G Mining Station & Micro-G Habitat - Allow colonists to stay and work on Asteroids. 14-15
Technology - Signal Boosters.png Signal Boosters Increases the Service Range of Drone Hubs and Drone Hub Extenders by 15 hexes. 14-15
Technology - Advanced Landing Techniques.png Advanced Landing Techniques Increases the time window for mining Asteroids by 50%. 16-19
Technology - Deep Space Scanning.png Deep Space Scanning Recon Center Upgrade (Deep Space Scanning) - Recon generated per Sol increased by 50% and Power.png Power consumption increases by 10%. 16-19
Technology - Deep Asteroid Mining.png Deep Asteroid Mining Deep deposits are now revealed on Asteroids. Exploiting these deposits requires additional technologies. 16-19
Technology - Underground Psych Studies.png Underground Psych Studies Reduces sanity loss from living and working underground. 16-19
Technology - Prefab-Refab.png Prefab-Refab Allows buildings to be converted back into prefabs so they can be deployed again in a different location. 20