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Rival Colonies are Mars colonies founded by Sponsors which weren't selected as the player colony and compete for Milestones and Planetary Anomalies. Up to three Rival Colonies can be added. As Rival Colonies expand and develop their infrastructure their progress can be followed in the Planet View. The Colony has a Standing with each Rival Colony, ranging from -100 to 100.

There are two Story Bits that can take place once per game that have the potential to destroy or create a Rival Colony.

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Each diplomatic action can only be used once every 5 Sols for each Rival Colony.

Action Standing Notes
Offer Resources +20 if not Politician
+40 if Politician
  • Requires a landed rocket to be refueled, loaded and sent
  • Basic resources require a larger quantity than advanced resources
  • If the Rival Colony has an abundance of the selected resource it will refuse
  • Once per game the Doctor Commander Profile can offer medical expertise instead of resources
Initiate Trade None
  • Requires at least Neutral Standing
Exchange Technologies None
  • Requires Good or Excellent Standing
  • Both colonies must have at least one technology the other doesn't
Request Resources -20
  • Requests the Rival Colony doesn't have enough resources for will be grayed out
  • With the Rocket Scientist Commander Profile, players may request an additional 2 Shuttle Hub prefabs for a total of -25 standing
  • If Standing is Bad or Hostile the Rival Colony will refuse and give another -10 Standing
Insult -40 with the insulted Rival Colony
+10 with all other Rival Colonies
  • Once per game the Astrogeologist Commander Profile can say an insult which gives +20 Standing with all other Rival Colonies instead

Covert Ops[edit | edit source]

Covert Ops require a Rocket loaded with 15 Fuel and enough Officers, will lower Standing and have a chance to fail. Successful Covert Ops they will bring benefits to the Colony at the expense of the Rival Colony but failed Covert Ops will have the Officers arrested and lost. Each Covert Op can only be done once every 10 Sols for each Rival Colony.

Covert op Officers Failure chance Standing Notes
Steal Drones 3 5 if Standing is not Hostile
20 if Standing is Hostile
-20 Japan cannot steal Drones or have Drones stolen from them due to the incompatible Drone technology.
Steal Technologies 3 5 if Standing is not Bad or Hostile
20 if Standing is Bad
40 if Standing is Hostile
-20 If the Rival Colony doesn't have any new technology it will steal 1,000 Research.png research points instead.
Recruit Colonists 6 5 if Standing is not Bad or Hostile
40 if Standing is Bad or Hostile
-30 Recruits 5-25 Colonists
Sabotage Buildings 6 20 if Standing is not Bad or Hostile
40 if Standing is Bad or Hostile
-40 Delays the Rival Colony's milestones progress

[edit | edit source]

The Sponsor of a Rival Colony determines its behavior and initial Standing with the Colony.

Sponsor Initial Standing Development Speed Bias Sponsor effects
Logo - IMM.png International Mars Mission Slightly Positive Relaxed Colonists
  • Gets twice more Food from Passenger Rockets
  • Landed Rockets synthesize Fuel
Logo - USA.png USA Neutral Expansive Colonists
  • Receives periodic Funding
Logo - BSC.png Blue Sun Corporation Slightly Negative Normal Production
  • Always offers Funding for basic resources
  • Employs Colonists to produce Funding
Logo - China.png China Neutral Expansive Mining
  • Always offers resources for Food
  • Passenger Rockets carry more Colonists
  • Has double birth rates
Logo - India.png India Neutral Normal Colonists, Mining
  • Has increased birth rates
  • Produces more Metals
Logo - Europe.png Europe Neutral Normal Research
  • Always offers Research points for any tradable resource
  • Gains Funding whenever a tech is researched
Logo - SpaceY.png SpaceY Neutral Normal Production
  • Buys advanced resources at 50% cost
Logo - Church.png Church of the New Ark Slightly Negative Normal Colonists
  • Has double birth rates
Logo - Russia.png Russia Neutral Expansive Mining
  • Always offers basic resources for advanced resources
  • Produces more Concrete
Logo - Paradox.png Paradox Interactive Unpredictable Normal Research
  • Produces Funding by releasing games
Logo - Brazil.png Brazil Neutral Normal Mining
  • Produces more Rare Metals
Logo - Japan.png Japan Neutral Normal Research
  • Produces Metals without using Colonists
  • Gains research points when exploring sectors