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Note: The range of positions is increased by the Tech Variety game rule and made irrelevant by the Chaos Theory game rule.

Icon Technology Description Position
Technology - Drone Swarm.png
Drone Swarm
Drone Hubs are constructed with additional 2 Drones and the maximum number of Drones is increased by 80. 1-4
Technology - Explorer AI.png
Explorer AI
Generate 100 Research.png Research per Sol for each RC Explorer vehicle. Multiple vehicles result in collaboration losses.
+100 (100), +80 (180), +60 (240), +40 (280), +20 (300), +0 (300), +50 for each after that.
Technology - Low-G Drive.png
Low-G Drive
Drones and Rovers move 25% faster. 1-4
Technology - Transport Optimization.png
Transport Optimization
The RC Transport harvests resources faster and its maximum storage is increased by 15. 1-4
Technology - Drone Hub.png
Drone Hub
New Building: Drone Hub - Controls Drones and allocates them to different jobs. 5
Safe Transport
Tracks are easier to repair and trains are safer for the passengers. 6?
Technology - 3D Machining.png
3D Machining
New Building: Machine Parts Factory - Produces MachineParts.png Machine Parts from Metals.png Metals. 6-10
Technology - Automated Storage.png
Automated Storage
New Building: Storages - a set of storages that can store a large amount of resources but have to be constructed and require Power.png Power. 6-10
Technology - Drone Printing.png
Drone Printing
New Building: Drone Assembler - Constructs Drone Prefabs from Electronics.png Electronics which can then be used in Drone Hubs to construct new drones. 6-10
Technology - Rover Command AI.png
Rover Command AI
The RC Commander starts with 4 additional Drones and command limit increased by 12. Unlocks the Automated Mode for RC Explorer and RC Transport. 6-10
Technology - Battery Optimization.png
Battery Optimization
Drone battery capacity increased by 50%. 6-10
Technology - CO2 Jet Propulsion.png
CO2 Jet Propulsion
New Building: Shuttle Hub - Houses and refuels Shuttles that facilitate long-range transportation of resources between Depots and resettling of Colonists between Domes.
(Researched by default when playing as Rocket Scientist)
Technology - Factory AI.png
Factory AI
Refineries and Factories Upgrade (Factory AI) - performance increased by 20%. 12-14
Technology - Fueled Extractors.png
Fueled Extractors
Extractor Upgrade (Fueled Extractors) - Production increased by 30% as long as the building is supplied with Fuel.png Fuel.
(Researched by default when playing as Logo - Russia.png Russia)
Technology - Martian Aerodynamics.png
Martian Aerodynamics
Shuttle speed increased by 33%. 12-14
Technology - Rover Printing.png
Rover Printing
Can construct RC Commander, RC Transport, RC Explorer and RC Safari. 15
Technology - Compact Hangars.png
Compact Hangers
The maximum number of Shuttles that the Shuttle Hub can house is increased by 6. 16-18
Technology - High-Powered Jets.png
High-powered Jets
Shuttle cargo capacity increased by 3. 16-18
Technology - The Martian Network.png
The Martian Network
New Spire Building: Network Node - increases the research output of all Research Labs and Hawking Institutes in the Dome. 16-18
Technology - Project Mohole.png
Project Mohole
Wonder: Mohole Mine - Extracts Metals.png Metals, RareMetals.png Rare Metals and WasteRock.png Waste Rock without the need of a deposit, while heating the surrounding area. 19
Technology - Large-Scale Excavation.png
Large-scale Excavation
Wonder: The Excavator - Produces Concrete.png Concrete directly from the Martian soil without requiring a deposit. 20