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Note: The range of positions is increased by the Tech Variety game rule and made irrelevant by the Chaos Theory game rule.

Icon Technology Description Position
Technology - Live From Mars.png
"Live From Mars"
More applicants will start to appear on Earth. 1-5
Technology - Earth-Mars Initiative.png
Earth-Mars Initiative
Increases Research.png Research provided by Sponsor by 100. 1-5
Technology - Mars Crowdfunding.png
Mars Crowdfunding
Receive a one-time grant of $1,000 M funding. 1-5
Technology - Productivity Training.png
Productivity Training
Engineers and Geologists have +10 performance when working in their specialty. 1-5
Technology - Systematic Training.png
Systematic Training
Scientists and Botanists have +10 performance when working in their specialty. 1-5
Luxurious Trains
Colonist no longer take comfort penalty while traveling. 6?
Technology - Martian Education.png
Martian Education
New Building: Martian University - Trains Scientists, Geologists, Botanists, Medics, Engineers or Security officers.
(In-Dome Buildings Pack) New Building: School Spire - Teaches positive traits to children and can give the Genius trait after an upgrade.
Technology - Emergency Training.png
Emergency Training
Security Officers and Medics have +10 performance when working in their specialty. 7-10
Technology - General Training.png
General Training
Colonists without the proper specialization suffer a lower work penalty. 7-10
Technology - Martian Patents.png
Martian Patents
License Martian technology for use back on Earth. Earn $500 M funding.
This tech is repeatable and can be researched multiple times. It gets 10% more expensive each time (e.g. 3000, 3300, 3600, 3900...)
(Researched by default when playing as Politician)
Technology - Supportive Community.png
Supportive Community
Lowers the risk of colonists developing flaws after a Sanity breakdown. 7-10
Technology - Martian Institute of Science.png
Martian Institute of Science
New Building: Hawking Institute - Generates Research.png Research faster than a Research Lab. 11
Technology - Behavioral Melding.png
Behavioral Melding
Sanatorium Upgrade (Behavioral Melding) - replaces removed flaws with random Perks. 12-19
Technology - Behavioral Shaping.png
Behavioral Shaping
New Spire Building: Sanatorium - treats colonists to remove flaws.
(Researched by default when playing as Psychologist)
Technology - Creative Disposition.png
Creative Disposition
New Building: Art Workshop. A vocation building that allows colonists to experiment with different forms of art. Counts towards the workshop milestone. 12-19
Technology - Home Collective.png
Home Collective
Residential Building Upgrade (Home Collective) - Increases the Service Comfort of the building by 10. Build cost: 2 Polymers.png / 5 Polymers.png 12-19
Technology - Martian Copyrights.png
Martian Copyrights
License Martian copyrights for use back on Earth. Earn $2000 M funding.
This tech is repeatable and can be researched multiple times.
Technology - Martian Festivals.png
Martian Festivals
All Decorations have +10 Service Comfort. 12-19
Technology - Martianborn Resilience.png
Martianborn Resilience
Martianborn don't take Sanity damage when working in out-Dome buildings. 12-19
Technology - Martianborn Strenght.png
Martianborn Strength
Martianborn don't take Sanity damage from disasters. 12-19
Technology - Dream Reality.png
Dream Reality
Wonder: Project Morpheus - Stimulates the development of new Perks in adult Colonists throughout the entire Colony. 20