Stellaris Dome Set

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Stellaris Dome Set
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The Stellaris Dome Set was initially released along with the game as a free bonus for players who pre-ordered "Surviving Mars". It was later made available to everyone as a paid DLC. The dome skins are purely cosmetic and have no impact on gameplay.

Official Description[edit]

The Stellaris dome set is a thematic set of visual skins for the Martian domes with a futuristic design and star-shaped elements. It is available for the following domes:

  • Basic Dome: A small dome, suitable for the early days of the colony.
  • Medium Dome: A medium-sized dome design.
  • Oval Dome: An elongated dome design, which has space for two Spires.
  • Mega Dome: The most advanced and spacious dome design.

Official Screenshots[edit]