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There's always a number of things that can be improved on the wiki. This is intended as a non-exhaustive list of things that need to be done in order to point editors that don't know what to edit in a useful direction. Everybody is welcome to edit this wiki; if you decide to contribute, please follow the style guidelines.

Specific tasks[edit]

  • Add the following pages into game categories
  1. Tourist
  2. Creative Mode
  3. Commander Profile
  4. RC vehicles
  5. Story bits techs
  6. Drones
  7. Mystery techs
  8. Disaster
  9. Spacecraft
  10. Easter eggs
  11. Rival Colonies
  12. Challenge Mode
  13. Terraforming
  14. Food
  15. Expeditions
  16. Mystery
  17. Exterior Buildings
  18. Dome Buildings
  19. Anomaly
  20. Story Bits

Ongoing tasks[edit]

Apart from personal projects and goal-specific tasks, the wiki will also always need a hand with the following:

Authorial/content generation[edit]


  • Improve the formatting/readability of existing articles
  • Improve upon pages which require copy editing - 0 page(s).
  • Tidy up pages where a clean up is requested - 0 page(s).
  • Add internal links to other articles where relevant
  • Add images to existing articles where relevant