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Here is a list of some of the Special Underground Anomalies (resulting tech or reward) items marked with a * are a guess and not yet confirmed. I'm not allowed to upload screenshots here unfortunately.

Basalt Columns

  1. Get an Asteroid Lander so we can mine Asteroids for Exotic Minerals
  2. Focus on optimizing our Recon & Expansion research
  3. We need Exotic Minerals now! (42 Exotic Minerals - amount may vary not yet tested)
  4. We need to improve our research as soon as possible (+8000 research)


The probe's drill picked up rumbles coming from deeper within Mars. Something that may indicate Mars is still more volcanically active than we thought. This must be related to the underground Marsquakes we occasionally experience.

Mars was long thought to be volcanically extinct. But earlier studies already indicated there might be a fault line near the Cerberus Fossae. The readings from our probe indicate much more magma flows than our most optimistic predictions.

How should we prepare our colony for this?

  1. Investigate ways to capture asteroids and get Exotic Minerals
  2. Explore the underground as fast as possible (Low-G Excavation exposed)
  3. Start building support struts now (Researched Low-G Tunnel Support and gain 22 exotic minerals)
  4. Let's just stick to the surface (Expose random breakthrough)


We found a few large fossils of plant like organisms. This may be the first actual proof we've found for life on Mars.

The size and shape of the fossils indicates these were very nutritious plants that grew to about a meter high. These would indicate Mars didn't just have life within it's oceans, but also on land. Some even theorize they may be evidence of selective breeding, indicating intelligent life once used to walk on Mars. Though this would need further investigation.

For now, we should put these fossils to good use. What do you think, commander?

Effect: Unlock a new breakthrough tech:

  1. Let's recreate the plants
  2. We should send these to our sponsor
  3. We should use these to teach (Interplanetary Learning)
  4. Let's share this with earth and all of humanity (Global Support)


  1. Construction (Construction Nanites*)
  2. Landscaping (Landscaping Nanites)
  3. Resource Extraction (Nano Refinement)
  4. This tech seems way to dangerous (scientists gain 15 morale for 20 sols)


  1. A Space Elevator
  2. The Excavator
  3. Project Morpheus
  4. A Geoscape Dome

Life - Breakthrough

  1. Age (Forever Young)
  2. Fatigue (Martianborn Ingenuity)
  3. Sleep (Rapid Sleep*)
  4. Death (Project Phoenix*)


After analyzing some samples from strange markers on the cave floor, we've found some traces of an unknown virus. A second scan confirmed our suspicions. We've found a new virus native to Mars.

Some kind of material was able to preserve the virus for thousands, if not millions of years. Viruses are only found where there is life, so this should confirm there once was life on Mars. If it's not still here.

The medical community warns us that if there is ever an outbreak, it may kill all our colonists. So, perhaps we should try to rely less on people. What do you think, commander?

Effect: Unlock a new breakthrough tech:

  1. We must find a way to automate our extractors!
  2. Let's create robots to handle the menial work
  3. Could we create mechanical colonists?
  4. I have full confidence that our medics can handle this!

Failed Recon

We've found the buried remains of an earlier reconnaissance mission. The mission took place a couple years before our first rocket was launched to Mars. It seems a malfunction caused it to crash into the Martian surface at full speed, crashing into a lava tube and getting buried down here.

Most of the rocket is unusable, but our scans show the cargo is mostly intact. We could blow a hole into the side and retrieve its resources. The engines are still unstable, and may explode while we're busy.

We won't be able to salvage all resources without destroying the rest. Which resources would you like us to retrieve.

  1. Exotic Minerals (75)
  2. Electronics (90)
  3. Machine Parts (90)
  4. Polymers (100)


The RC Explorer did an extensive survey and analysis of the area, and found nothing. Some colonists are starting to question the meaning of our colony. Where it seemed a grand step for humanity at first, they now start to wonder whether they should've stayed on earth.

In moments like these our colonists look at you commander. To set an example and for guidance. What do you say?

Effect: Unlock a new breakthrough tech:

  1. Next we shall conquer the night(Nocturnal Adaptation)
  2. Living and working on Mars is more fulfilling than on earth
  3. The underground is our next grand step
  4. Unfortunately our colonists are just a means to an end

Ode to Mars

The RC Explorer found a small amount of Exotic Minerals placed as if Mars itself wanted us to find it.

It made us reflect on the long journey humanity took to get here. Staring at a red dot in the sky for millennia, gradually taking more detailed pictures from it. After we learned how to fly, we immediately looked on Mars. Now taking pictures from closer and closer, until we actually set foot on Mars.

We are confident you will lead this mission to a success, commander. What do you need from Earth to make it so?

  1. The knowledge that Geniuses provide (10 new Genius applicants)
  2. The funds that Celebrities bring in
  3. The Moral Saints provide
  4. We've already got everything we need