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Terraforming is the process of altering the surface conditions of Mars to make the planet hospitable for humans and ultimately turn the planet Earth-like. It is the largest investment of resources on Mars and can be disabled by the No Terraforming Game Rule.

Terraforming Parameters[edit]

Terraforming Parameters are 4 surface conditions that determine the overall terraforming progress. Once a parameter reaches 100% it is identical to Earth's.

Parameter Improvement effects Description
Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
  • Decreased severity of Dust Storms and Meteor Storms
  • Increased production from Wind Turbines and MOXIEs (+100% max)
  • Decreased production from Solar Panels (-50% Max)
Represents the density and composition of the Martian atmosphere. The higher this parameter is, the more Earth-like are the atmospheric pressure, Oxygen levels and cloud generation.
Temperature.png Temperature
  • Decreased severity of Cold Waves
  • Permafrost starts melting above 50%
Represents the global surface temperature of Mars. The higher this parameter is, the more favorable are the conditions for Earth-like life.
Hydrosphere.png Water
  • Increased production from Moisture Vaporators (+100% max)
Represents the quality and volume of surface water on Mars. The higher this parameter is, more and larger water bodies will appear on Mars: lakes, seas and oceans.
Vegetation.png Vegetation
  • Increased plants spread
Represents the spreading and diversity of vegetation and bacterial life on a planetary scale. The higher this parameter is, the more Mars looks like the tundra biome back on Earth, with the ultimate goal to become a quite harsh, yet habitable second home for humanity.

Terraforming Thresholds[edit]

Terraforming Thresholds are values of Terraforming Parameters above which drastic changes will occur on Mars.

Effect Parameters
Liquid water 25% Temperature.png Temperature
Cold Waves end 50% Temperature.png Temperature
Blue skies 50% Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
Dust Storms end 50% Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
Dust Devils end 50% Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
Meteor Storms end 80% Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
Vegetation Boom 30% Vegetation.png Vegetation
Vegetation Boom 60% Vegetation.png Vegetation
Vegetation Boom 90% Vegetation.png Vegetation
Effect Parameters
Toxic Rains start 25% Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
25% Temperature.png Temperature
Breathable atmosphere 95% Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
50% Temperature.png Temperature
Effect Parameters
Sustainable grass 20% Temperature.png Temperature
10% Hydrosphere.png Water
Sustainable bushes 30% Temperature.png Temperature
20% Hydrosphere.png Water
Sustainable pine trees 35% Temperature.png Temperature
35% Hydrosphere.png Water
Sustainable mixed trees 75% Temperature.png Temperature
75% Hydrosphere.png Water
Effect Parameters
Clear Rains 40% Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
40% Temperature.png Temperature
10% Hydrosphere.png Water
Toxic Rains end 55% Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
55% Temperature.png Temperature
5% Hydrosphere.png Water

Terraforming Buildings[edit]

Terraforming buildings are the main way of terraforming Mars. They have very high construction costs and should only be built by a self-sufficient colony.

Building Standard costs Consumption Maintenance Terraforming per Sol Required technology Upgrades
Terraforming small lake.png Small Lake 10Concrete.png Concrete
5MachineParts.png Machine Parts
0.5Water.png Water Based on Water parameter +0.01%Hydrosphere.png Water
(when liquid)
Lake Crafting Lake Vaporators
Terraforming lake.png Lake 20Concrete.png Concrete
5MachineParts.png Machine Parts
1Water.png Water Based on Water parameter +0.03%Hydrosphere.png Water
(when liquid)
Terraforming big lake.png Large Lake 30Concrete.png Concrete
5MachineParts.png Machine Parts
1.5Water.png Water Based on Water parameter +0.05%Hydrosphere.png Water
(when liquid)
Terraforming big lake.png Huge Lake 50Concrete.png Concrete
5MachineParts.png Machine Parts
2Water.png Water Based on Water parameter +0.1%Hydrosphere.png Water
(when liquid)
Forestation plant.png Forestation Plant 10Metals.png Metals
5Electronics.png Electronics
10Power.png Power
1Seeds.png Seeds
1Polymers.png Polymers +0.01%Vegetation.png Vegetation Martian Vegetation None
Open farm.png Open Farm 15Concrete.png Concrete
5Metals.png Metals
3MachineParts.png Machine Parts
1Power.png Power
10Water.png Water
1Seeds.png Seeds
1Metals.png Metals Based on Crop Domeless Farming Technology - Dry Farming.png Dry Farming
Ghg factory.png GHG Factory 15Concrete.png Concrete
15Metals.png Metals
10MachineParts.png Machine Parts
10Power.png Power
1Fuel.png Fuel
2MachineParts.png Machine Parts 0.05%Temperature.png Temperature
(0.25% when below 25%)
Greenhouse Mars Amplify.png Amplify
(+50% Terraforming, +20Power.png Consumption, cost: 5Polymers.png)
Carbonate processor.png Carbonate Processor 200Concrete.png Concrete
50Metals.png Metals
50MachineParts.png Machine Parts
50Power.png Power
1WasteRock.png Waste Rock
2MachineParts.png Machine Parts +0.4%Atmosphere.png Atmosphere Carbonate Processor Amplify.png Amplify
(+50% Terraforming, +20Power.png Consumption, cost: 10Polymers.png)
Core heat convector.png Core Heat Convector 150Concrete.png Concrete
100Metals.png Metals
50Polymers.png Polymers
50Power.png Power
10Water.png Water
2Polymers.png Polymers +0.4%Temperature.png Temperature Core Heat Convector Amplify.png Amplify
(+50% Terraforming, +20Power.png Consumption, cost: 10Polymers.png)
Magnetic field generator.png Magnetic Field Generator 250Metals.png Metals
50Electronics.png Electronics
100Power.png Power 10Metals.png Metals -0.2Atmosphere.png Atmosphere loss Magnetic Field Generator Amplify.png Amplify
(+50% Terraforming, +20Power.png Consumption, cost: 10Polymers.png)


Forestation Plants can plant various types of Plants. All Plants improve Soil Quality while higher level plants also produce Seeds.png Seeds.

Crop Min Soil Quality Seeds required Growth time Soil Quality increase Harvest Spreads Requirements
Plant lichen.png Lichen 0% 0.1 6 Hours 20% 0 no None
Plant grass.png Grass 10% 0.1 12 Hours 10% 0 yes 20%Temperature.png Temperature terraforming
10%Water.png Water terraforming
Plant shrubs.png Bushes 20% 0.2 2 Sols 20% 0.2 Seeds.png yes Adapted Vegetation technology
30%Temperature.png Temperature terraforming
20%Water.png Water terraforming
Plant trees.png Trees 40% 0.3 6 Sols 50% 1 Seeds.png yes Adapted Vegetation technology
35%Temperature.png Temperature terraforming
35%Water.png Water terraforming
Plant trees.png Mixed Trees 40% 0.5 6 Sols 50% 2 Seeds.png yes Adapted Vegetation technology
75%Temperature.png Temperature terraforming
75%Water.png Water terraforming