Terraforming technologies

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Note: The range of positions is increased by the Tech Variety game rule and made irrelevant by the Chaos Theory game rule.

Icon Technology Description Position
Martian Vegetation.png
Martian Vegetation
New Resource: Seeds - used to plant vegetation on Mars. Can be brought from Earth or grown in Farms and Hydroponic Farms.
New Building: Forestation Plant - plants vegetation around it-self at the cost of Seeds. Increases local Soil Quality and improves global Vegetation.pngVegetation
(Researched by default when playing as Logo - TI.png Terraforming Initiative)
Dozer Rover.png
Dozer Rover
Unlocks the construction of RC Dozer - a vehicle that can be used for landscaping projects. RC Dozers can also be ordered from Earth. 2-5
Topology AI.png
Topology AI
Drones work faster on landscaping projects. 2-5
Planetary Survey.png
Planetary Survey
Discover 6 new Planetary Anomalies. 2-5
Greenhouse Mars.png
Greenhouse Mars
New Building: GHG Factory - burns Fuel to increase the Temperature.pngTemperature of Mars, using greenhouse gases. 2-5
Green View
Increase sanity of colonists traveling through green areas 6?
Interplanetary Projects.png
Interplanetary Projects
Unlocks the Import Greenhouse Gases (improves Atmosphere.pngAtmosphere) and Capture Ice Asteroids (improves Water.pngWater) special projects, accessible via the Planetary View.
(Researched by default when playing as Logo - TI.png Terraforming Initiative)
Growth Stimulators.png
Growth Stimulators
Vegetation grows 40% faster. 6-9
Terraforming Subsidies.png
Terraforming Subsidies
Get a one-time subsidy of $1,000 M Funding from your sponsor. 6-9
Conservation Landscaping.png
Conservation Landscaping
Raising the ground via landscaping costs less Waste Rock. Lowering ground via landscaping produces more Waste Rock. 6-9
Lake Crafting.png
Lake Crafting
Unlocks the creation of artificial lakes via landscaping. Evaporating water improves local Soil Quality and Water.pngWater of Mars. 10
Domeless Farming.png
Domeless Farming
New Building: Open Farm - plants edible crops at the cost of Seeds. Fully-grown plants are harvested for Food by Drones. 11-15
Terra Tourism.png
Terra Tourism
Tourists pay 50% more Funding to come to Mars. Receive 100 Tourist applicants. 11-15
Technology - Adapted Vegetation.png
Adapted Vegetation
Unlocks planting of Bushes and Trees in Forestation Plants. Fully-grown Bushes and Trees are harvested for Seeds by Drones. 11-15
Carbonate Processor.png
Carbonate Processor
Carbonate Processor- improves the Atmosphere.pngAtmosphere of Mars by burning Waste Rock. 11-15
Magnetic Field Generator.png
Magnetic Field Generator
Magnetic Field Generator - decreases the loss of Atmosphere.pngAtmosphere due to lack of magnetic field. 11-15
Nuclear Terraforming.png
Nuclear Terraforming
Unlocks the Melt the Polar Caps special project, accessible via the Planetary View. 16-20
Core Heat Convector.png
Core Heat Convector
Core Heat Convector - improves the Temperature.pngTemperature of Mars gradually. Consumes Water. 16-20
Mega Satellites.png
Mega Satellites
Unlocks the Launch Space Mirror (improves Temperature.pngTemperature) and Launch Magnetic Shield (decreases loss of Atmosphere.pngAtmosphere special projects, accessible via the Planetary View. 16-20
Planetary Projects.png
Planetary Projects
Unlocks the Seed Vegetation (improves Vegetation.pngVegetation) and Cloud Seeding (improves Water.pngWater) special projects, accessible via the Planetary View. 16-20
Terraforming Amplification.png
Terraforming Amplification
GHG Factory, Core Heat Convector, Magnetic Field Generator and Carbonate Processor gain Amplify upgrade, which improves their performance at the cost of increased Power consumption. 16-20