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The tourist stays for 5 Sols and then leaves (on the next rocket to Earth). When the tourist leaves Mars they generate 2 new tourist applicants.[1]

In order for tourist to leave your colony, their dome must be within walking distance of a departing rocket. They will not use a shuttle to travel to a dome within walking distance. Tourists board any nearby rocket when they are looking to go home.

The "Tourist Trap" Challenge requires the player to earn income from tourists in a short period of time to successfully complete the challenge.

Satisfaction[edit | edit source]

Tourists have a Satisfaction stat, which tracks how much each tourist is enjoying their holiday, rated between 1 and 5 stars. They pay funds when departing from Mars based on how much they liked their holiday, shown in the Satisfaction stat.[2]

Tourists attempt to leave on a rocket to Earth after spending 5 Sols on Mars vacationing. If they have not been able to leave on a rocket after 10 Sols, they will begin to lose satisfaction.

Satisfaction boosts:

  • Health +5
  • Sanity +5
  • Morale +10 additional +5 if over 70
  • Comfort +20 if over 70; additional +10 at 100
  • Amphitheater +2 to +6
  • Low-G Amusement Park
  • Olympus Hotel
  • Party Animal +4 bis +10

Safari up to +25 depending on sights at waypoints

RC Safari[edit | edit source]

The RC Safari is a special RC vehicle that allows you to create sightseeing tours around your colony for tourists to enjoy. Set waypoints near domes, wonders, vistas, rock formations, and many other sights to increase the satisfaction bonus tourists get from the safari. The RC Safari can be ordered from earth, or built on Mars with the Technology - Rover Printing.png Rover Printing technology completed.

Tourist Buildings[edit | edit source]

Constructing tourist focused buildings can help to increase the satisfaction stat of your tourists.[3]

The Olympus Hotel provides tourists a luxurious place to stay on Mars; spending the night increases their Satisfaction. Hotels can be built after completing the Technology - Smart Home.png Smart Homes research. Colonists can reside in the hotel unless you exclude them, allowing only tourists.

The Low-G Amusement Park provides tourists with the best ways to experience the low gravity environment. Visiting tourists get an extra bonus to their Satisfaction.

Tourism Strategy[edit | edit source]

Tourists are a fairly easy way to acquire funding in the early game before you have rare metals up and running, all they require is housing, food, and time and they allow you to make a fairly decent amount of funding. RC Safari is a cheap way to raise tourists' Satisfaction. In the late game, if you can afford it, setting up a dedicated tourism dome is a viable option for funding that does not require rare metals.

Interests[edit | edit source]

Tourists always have the interest of Safari and Gambling. Tourists also have the usual interests depending on their specializations and traits.

References[edit | edit source]

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