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Useful pages are Special:SpecialPages and Category:Articles by version.

Wiki status

Special:Wantedpages — Nonexistant pages that have many links pointed to them. ~ 50
Category:Rewrite — Pages that require a rewrite. 0 page(s).
Category:Need editing — Pages that require a clean up 0 page(s).
Category:Need copy editing — Pages that require copy editing 0 page(s).
Category:Candidates for deletion — Pages where deletion is requested. 0 page(s).
Category:Duplicates — Duplicate pages. 0 page(s).
Category:Expand — Articles with sections that need expanding. 1 page(s).
Category:To be merged — Articles where a merge is requested. 0 page(s).
Category:To be split — Split requested 0 page(s).
Category:To be moved‎ — Move requested 0 page(s).
Category:Potentially outdated — Articles where an update is requested. 41 page(s).
Category:Stubs — Articles that need expanding. 0 page(s).
Category:Under construction‎ — Under construction 0 page(s).
Category:Verification needed — Pages that require Verification. 0 page(s).
Category:Pages with broken file links — Articles with missing images. 8 page(s).
Category:Pages with unrecognized icon strings — Articles with broken icons. 0 page(s).
Special:UnusedImages — Files that are not used in any articles.

Wiki update metric

Total number of pages = 87

Editorial fixes = 11

Update fixes = 0

Total fix metric = 0.13