Below and Beyond

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Below and Beyond
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Release date

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The Below and Beyond DLC was released on 2021-09-07 alongside the music pack DLC Mars Lifestyle Radio.

Official Description[edit | edit source]

The era of colonization is over and a new age of exploration has begun. You’ve just scratched the surface of Mars, now get ready to go below and beyond!

Main Features[edit | edit source]

Back to the Bases - Expand your colony into caves and lava tubes under the surface. Players can use existing structures, or underground-specific buildings to build a base for exploration. Expand with caution, potential cave-ins can destroy everything.

Mine Your Own Business - Players can now go below the surface and beyond the red planet for resource mining. Construct special rocket-propelled buildings to mine resources, including exotic minerals and Data Samples, on passing asteroids. Don’t stick around too long or else the Asteroid will drift away with your stuff!

Branching Paths - The Recon and Expansion research trees unlock additional buildings, vehicles, upgrades, and locales. They will also unlock asteroid mining and tunnel colonization.

Ten new Achievements.

Official Screenshots[edit | edit source]

Official Videos[edit | edit source]

Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond - Release Trailer (2021-09-07)
Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond - Announcement Trailer (2021-08-31)
Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond - Asteroids (2021-09-01)
Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond - Underground (2021-09-02)
Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond - Free Update (2021-09-03)

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

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All developer diaries about Below and Beyond.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Build Underground Bases and Mine Asteroids in Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond, Launching September 7th New buildings, resources and mysteries. Underground bases and mining asteroids. Mars Lifestyle Radio DLC. Limited edition Surviving Mars OST Vinyl. 2021-08-31
2 Dev Diary #1 - Asteroids Recon Center, Asteroid Landers, Micro-G Auto Extractors and Micro-G Mining Stations. Mining resources on asteroids. Exotic Minerals that are exclusive to asteroids. 2021-09-01
3 Dev Diary #2 - Underground The Elevator. Darkness and quakes. Buried wonders. Drone Hub Extenders. 2021-09-02
4 Dev Diary #3 - Tech Tree and Free Update Recon and Expansion tech tree. UI QoL improvements. Birth limit policy. School Spire genius nerf. Amphitheatre. 2021-09-03

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