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Sponsors are the nations or organizations that fund the initial Mars expedition, provide a base amount of research and pay for rare metals. Different sponsors use different color schemes for their buildings. However the color scheme can be changed at any point in the Command Center menu.

If the Space Race DLC is installed all sponsors except the one selected for play can found a Rival Colony.

Summary of Sponsors

Each sponsor has unique traits that provide various bonuses. If the Space Race DLC is installed each sponsor also has access to a unique building and vehicle.

Sponsor           Traits Unique Vehicle Unique Building Difficulty Requirements
International Mars Mission
$30,000M 200 300 $25M 4
  • Colonists never get Earthsick
  • Food supply from Passenger Rockets increased (x10)
  • Rockets synthesize Fuel
  • Start with a Self-Sufficient Dome prefab
  Zeus Rocket   Advanced Stirling Generator 0% None
$8,000M 100 300 $25M 3
  • Periodic Additional funding ($500 M every 10 Sols)
  Zeus Rocket
  Advanced Orbital Probe
  Megamall +40% None
Blue Sun Corporation
$10,000M 100 100 $30M 2
  • Can buy Applicants with funding
  • Additional rockets are significantly cheaper
  • Probes can discover deep Rare Metal deposits
  • Bonus Tech: Deep Metal Extraction
  RC Harvester   Corporate Office +50% None
$8,000M 200 200 $25M 3
  • Passenger Rockets carry 10 additional Colonists
  • Applicants are generated twice as fast
  RC Generator   Tai-chi Garden +60% None
$7,000M 150 100 $24M 3   RC Constructor   Metals Refinery +90% None
$6,000M 100 400 $22M 2
  • 5 extra starting technologies
  • Gain funding every time a tech is researched
  • Gain double if it's a Breakthrough tech
  RC Seeker   Low-G Lab +110% None
$6,000M 75 200 $20M 5
  • Drone Hubs start with additional Drones
  • 50% cheaper advanced resources
  Dragon Rocket   Solar Array +130% None
Church of the New Ark
$4,000M 120 0 $20M 1
  • All Colonists have the Religious trait
  • Birthrate is doubled
  • Hydroponic Farms performance reduced by 50 (drawback)
  Ark Pod   Temple Spire +170% None
$5,000M 100 200 $22M 2
  • Fueled Extractors upgrade is free
  • Fuel Refinery prefab costs 50% less
  • Bonus Tech: Fueled Extractors
  • Rockets have extended travel time (drawback)
  RC Driller   Concrete Plant +180% None
Paradox Interactive
$4,000M 75 100 $24M 1
  • Discover more Breakthrough Anomalies
  • Researching a Breakthrough grants Applicants
  • Rockets require more fuel to launch (drawback)
  Jumper Shuttle   Game Developer +200% Paradox account
$9,000M 100 100 $35M 1
  • Colonists grant funding when they arrive on Mars
  • Passages cost no resources and are constructed instantly
  • Colonists suffer no penalties when using passages to work or visit connected domes
  • 5 free Large Supply Pods
  Large Supply Pod   Rare Metals Refinery +100% Space Race DLC
$6,000M 50 100 $20M 1
  • Rovers and Drones - cost and weight lowered by 50%
  • Exploring a sector grants 500 research points
  • All specialists perform better (+10 performance)
  • Applicant generation reduced (drawback)
  Wasp Drone   Automated Metals Extractor +170% Space Race DLC
Terraforming Initiative
$8,000M 100 100 $24M 2 None None +100% Green Planet DLC
$4,000M 100 0 $25M 3
  • All colonists have the Idiot trait
  • No Sponsor research'
  • No technologies are unlocked at start
  • No pod
None None +90% Sample mod

Mission Goals

Each Sponsor has a set of 5 goals which grant various rewards once accomplished.

Sponsor Goals Reward
International Mars Mission
Have 30 Colonists on Mars   1 Basic Dome prefab
Have a Martianborn Colonist   5 free supply pods
Build a Machine Parts Factory, a Polymer Factory and an Electronics Factory   30 Engineer Applicants
Generate 3,000 Research points per Sol   30 Scientist Applicants
Have 10 Martianborn Specialists   1 Mega Dome prefab
Analyze 5 map Anomalies   100 Sponsor Research
Research 10 technologies   5 free supply pods
Generate 2,000 Research points per Sol   1 Mega Trigon Dome prefab
Research 5 Breakthrough technologies   3 Genius Applicants
Deep scan 30 Sectors   2 Hawking Institute prefabs
Blue Sun Corporation
Spend $5,000 M Funding   2 Stirling Generator prefabs
Export $2,000 M worth of Rare Metals   1,000M
Have 5 Smart Complexes   5 Celebrity Applicants
Have 20 Colonists with the Tourist Trait   60 Tourist Applicants
Generate $10,000 M within 5 Sols   10,000 Research points
Produce 100 Food   100 Applicants
Have 50 specialists   30 Drone prefabs
Have 300 Colonists on Mars   2,000M
Have 40 Colonists with all needs about 70   1 Medium Dome prefab
Have 8 operational Domes   10,000 Research points
Construct a Dome by the end of Sol 5   4 Moisture Vaporator prefabs
Produce 50 Polymers   25 Drone prefabs
Have a total of 200 Buildings   1,000M
Have 4 Domes with Spires   8,000 Research points
Convert 1,000 Waste Rock to useful materials   2,000M
Research 5 Physics technologies   1 Triboelectric Scrubber prefab
Have 20 Scientists   3 Genius Applicants
Have 2 Hawking Institutes   1 Network Node prefab
Have 50 Martianborn Scientists   New Rocket
Generate 10,000 Research points per Sol   3,000M
Generate 100 Energy   1 Atomic Accumulator prefab
Refuel a rocket the same Sol it lands   15 Drone prefabs
Research 8 Engineering technologies   20 Workaholic Engineer Applicants
Analyze 7 Planetary Anomalies   2,000M
Have 3 Biorobotics Workshops   10,000 Research points
Church of the New Ark
Produce 50 Food   1,000M
Have 10 Founders at 90 Comfort   100 Sponsor Research
Have 20 Martianborn Colonists by the end of Sol 50   3 Saint Applicants
Produce 40 Electronics   New Rocket
Have 120 Colonists with all needs above 80   3,000M
Discover 8 underground deposits   8 free supply pods
Produce 50 Concrete in a single Sol   4 Apartment prefabs
Extract 200 Metals from an underground deposits   2,000M
Have 3 extractors working at 160 Performance   +40% price for Rare Metals
Deep scan 50 Sectors   10,000 Research points
Paradox Interactive
Research 2 Breakthrough technologies   5 free supply pods
Land a Colonist on Mars by Sol 15   1 Jumper Shuttle Hub prefab
Analyze 30 map Anomalies   New Rocket
Construct a Mega Dome   10,000 Research points
Research 9 Breakthrough technologies   3,000M
Land a Colonist on Mars by Sol 15   4,000 Research points
Export 60 Rare Metals by the end of Sol 30   10 free supply pods
Have 4 Domes with Spires   1 Fusion Reactor prefab
Have a Dome connected to 3 other Domes   3 Celebrity Applicants
Have a Dome with more than 200 Colonists   3,000M
Have 6 Sensor Towers   15 Drone prefabs
Build a Machine Parts Factory, a Polymer Factory and an Electronics Factory   1 Martian University prefab
Have 40 Martianborn specialists   200 Sponsor Research
Deep scan 100 Sectors   1 Mega Trigon Dome prefab
Produce 2,000 advanced resources   2,000M
Terraforming Initiative
Research 8 Terraforming technologies   100 Sponsor Research
25% Temperature terraforming progress 2 Small Lake prefabs
35% overall terraforming progress   10,000 Research points
60% Water terraforming progress   New Rocket
Construct a Capital City   200 Enthusiast Applicants

Additional Logos

Regardless of which mission sponsor is chosen, any colony logo can be selected. For example, the mission sponsor could be India while the colony logo is Brazil. In addition to the 13 mission sponsor logos (and Idiocracy), there are 15 more logos that can be chosen instead.

Summary of Unique Vehicles

Unique Vehicle Sponsor Benefits
Zeus Rocket International Mars Mission & USA Increased rocket payload (70,000 kg)
Advanced Orbital Probe USA Scans 5 sectors at once
RC Harvester Blue Sun Corporation Transporter rover that can harvest concrete from regolith deposits
RC Generator China RC Commander that can generate power as a solar panel
RC Constructor India Transporter rover that can construct buildings
RC Seeker Europe RC Commander that works as a sensor tower when stationary
Dragon Rocket SpaceY Has smaller cargo capacity (40,000) but is faster and requires less fuel
Large Supply Pod Brazil (Space Race DLC) Special supply pod that can carry more cargo (20,000)
Ark Pod Church of the New Ark Special supply pod that carries 12 passengers
RC Driller Russia A special rover that can extract resources from underground deposits but wastes some of the deposit
Jumper Shuttle Paradox Interactive Faster shuttles that use parabolic trajectories
Wasp Drone Japan (Space Race DLC) Faster Flying Drone

Summary of Unique Buildings

Unique Buildings Sponsor Benefits
Advanced Stirling Generator International Mars Mission Generates power and can protect from Cold Waves
Megamall USA Service building that satisfies most interests
Corporate Office Blue Sun Corporation Employs workers and generates funding
Tai-chi Garden China Small exercising garden, visitors recover small amounts of Health and may become Fit
Metals Refinery India Slowly converts Waste Rock into Metals
Low-G Lab Europe A research building that is built outside domes and reduces the cost of Biotech and Physics techs
Solar Array SpaceY A large cluster of solar panels that have lower maintenance cost but are vulnerable to dust storms
Rare Metals Refinery Brazil (Space Race DLC) Turns waste rock into rare metals
Temple Spire Church of the New Ark A service spire that satisfies Social interests and restores Sanity to visitors
Concrete Plant Russia An automated extractor that produces concrete without the need of a deposit but consumes fuel
Game Developer Paradox Interactive Produces games which grant funding depending on their success
Automatic Metals Extractor Japan (Space Race DLC) A metal Extractor that doesn't require a workforce
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